First time in the gym. What to do?

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Want to lose weight or build muscle, but never played sports? Scary, Yes? After all, the only trainer that you know the treadmill? details where should you start if you want to be at least a little sportier.

Start small

First time in the gym. What to do?

Hiking is a great start towards the purchase of a subscription to a fitness club. Try to get into the woods and walk on the terrain where you will encounter both UPS and downs. Walk for 30 minutes and then gradually increase the time. Do not overestimate your capabilities and don’t go running through the woods — for those who have never experienced the sport, it will be a serious burden. By the way, walking is a very effective activity to improve lipid metabolism (fat burning).

Then sign up for classes at the gym

First time in the gym. What to do?

Regular walking in the fresh air prepares the body for future workouts. But in the gym don’t rush: take a light weight training to muscles are not formed lactic acid. Engage no more than one or two times a week and at first only in the gym: they are much easier to deal with, as they set the movement. Then you can work with free weights: choose a simple coordination exercise and try to keep each muscle is worked in isolation. Training should have a circular nature: a 45 minute work out all muscle groups, doing at least one approach each exercise. If you do not have any medical contraindications, you will absolutely fit all the equipment.

If you’ve never played sports and was not a large figure, and now you want to have a well-developed musculature, we are talking about hypertrophy of the muscles. Here also you need not bother your body hard at first exercises to learn to feel muscles, perform a circular 45-minute workout. The process of habituation of the body to stress is about 1.5—2 months. Only then you can move on to training more power of nature. It is very important that in addition to the formation of the muscles began to strengthen tendons and bones, otherwise injury is inevitable. Tendons develop up to three months. After circuit training, go on a split kind of training (trained separately and the top separately bottom). The more experience you gain, the more narrowly (one exercise for one muscle group) you will be able to work on his body and more often to practice (three to five times a week).

Be sure to go through medical testing and coaching with a trainer

First time in the gym. What to do?

Any self-respecting fitness club definitely offers its clients the services of a medical test before they start training. The specialist will measure your parameters, pressure and weight. Some fitness centers is already more advanced systems that allow to know the amount of water, fat, muscles in body composition and other details. Of course, it’s much better to know everything about your body and body. In addition, coach hall needs to instruct, to acquaint you with all the machines and show how they do it correctly. This is a very important point, on which depends the success of your subsequent workouts.

Don’t do cardio at the gym


First time in the gym. What to do?Cardio in a stuffy gym is not the surest way of healing the body and the more weight loss. Fat is oxidized only when there are a large amount of oxygen in the body. While at the gym (sometimes very small), which involved a lot of people, oxygen is not enough.

Do not forget about proper nutrition

First time in the gym. What to do?

Those who are going to lose weight, the first time will be enough to engage in power loads and to remove from the menu flour, simple sugars and various other sweet products (e.g. yogurt, which losing weight somehow love so much). And then gradually adjust your diet.

For those who want to build muscle, you also important to watch your diet: you should consume a lot of calories but the right calories, you have to take them out complex carbohydrates. Besides, it is necessary to have a lot of protein — 2-2. 5 gram per kilogram of body weight. Consume more does not make sense — just protein is ingested. So, if the weight of a young man —132,3 lbs, he must consume at least 120 grams of protein. To much of the substance of ordinary food (cottage cheese, eggs, chicken) is quite difficult and expensive, so it is possible to use protein (whey) smoothies, which will give the body the right amount of macronutrient needed and start muscle growth. In addition, young athletes can drink creatine. It increases their concentration in the body and increases strength, so the person is able to productively engage and better work the muscles. Checked: those who are taking creatine for the first time, it is better absorbed and more effective shows.