First selfie in Space

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“King selfie” came to the Maldives and explained why the diving is similar to flying in weightlessness.

Astronaut Edwin buzz Aldrin flew to the moon in the mission Apollo-11 — on a personal heaven, their memories and the colonization of Mars.

I had a chance to take in the most remote parts of the planet. Favorites — the Cayman Islands and the Maldives. Each time seeking instructors Gili Lankanfushi in the Maldives, I have seen a number of fish, which is not seen anywhere else. Soon they plan to be back in the right place for a family holiday. Private residence — “the crown jewel” resort of Gili Lankanfushi.

Private residence Private Reserve is so large that the house is clearly visible from space

First selfie in Space

Everyone needs space. For me it was important that space was in abundance. Private residence Private Reserve is so large that the house is probably visible from space. The resort is ideal. Distractions stay away, and you enjoy the silence and the lapping of mother of pearl waters. The Villa is so big that I saw members of the family only at dinner.

First selfie in Space

Imagine: you live in a Villa which is away from the rest of the hotel. Want — swim every morning for Breakfast on the “mainland” to meet people. I just want the opposite of privacy, and here I found the hotel dreams. Time flies. I don’t know what time it is. What is happening on the “mainland”. I bask in the pleasant limbo on the dimensionless Villa and wondering what I want for dinner: freshly caught tuna or the lobster grilled. Here they are phenomenal cook. I lie in the hammock, which is above water again and feel like floating in space.

First selfie in Space

First selfie in Space

The concept of no news, no shoes (no shoes, no news — approx. ed.) to my liking. Walking barefoot is a skill that we, unfortunately, forgot. Try it, you will definitely like it. Lived in the Villa “recluse”. And only Fridays (personal butlers — as they are called in Gili Lankanfushi) appeared noiselessly to serve dinner under a full moon. Guess where Paradise on earth? Yes, you guessed it.

Walking barefoot is a skill that we, unfortunately, forgot. Try it, you will definitely like it

First selfie in SpaceThe island where the 360 days of the year, the sun is shining

I went snorkeling before he became an astronaut. Became the first American who was training under water to simulate weightlessness in preparation for flight aboard Gemini 12. The astronauts, with the experience of being in space, have experienced difficulties with overheating when trying to apply force when moving, but I knew that movement in space is like swimming.

Diving gives freedom, similar to what you experience in space — if upside down! I literally live under water. “Flying under water” — learning space. Underwater life is fascinating — you never will see. Do not have to dive to a depth of manta rays and sharks come to the surface.

First selfie in Space

First selfie in Space
I want to be remembered not for the fact that I left footprints in the lunar dust. That blond kid from new Jersey who had the good fortune to walk on the moon, he’s still here, and now plans to fly to Mars. I believe it will happen. Probably I should not find the first landing on Mars, but I will lay the Foundation to make this possible. To quote a recent statement of Professor Stephen Hawking: “We have made tremendous progress over the last hundred years, but if we intend to continue that moving forward, the future is space”.

I am a supporter of space tourism since 1985. Space is not the property of governments and billionaires are able to pay for orbital flight. I founded the ShareSpace Foundation, wanting to “share the space” — to give everyone a chance to visit the orbit. Focused on space education and the promotion of the concept of STEAM – Science, Technology, engineering, Art and Mathematics. As for space tourism, it is not a myth but a reality. And it will come. Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Blue Origin and other pioneers of space tourism will help it to dissolve.

Man is by nature curious. In us inherently desire to go beyond borders. Why do we climb mountains? Why learn to fly? Why 6 times marked on the lunar surface? Over time we will naturally get to interstellar travel. I wrote about this in the book “Meeting with Tibet”. People have written about it for centuries. We don’t have the skills and technology. But we are developing.

Looks like Mars? The rusty-red planet suitable for human life. I represent the thousands of permanent settlers. I call them people-the Martians, because they will be when we eventually we colonize this planet and settle on it.

First selfie in SpaceAmerican aeronautical engineer, Colonel USAF retired and NASA astronaut. Veteran of Korean war. Acting as lunar module pilot of the ship mission “Apollo-11”, made the first ever manned landing on the moon.

Recently I was told that I was nicknamed the “king of selfies” because of photographs taken in space on 12 November 1966. Didn’t know I was the first person who took the photo itself. Now that the smartphone in my pocket every where I go, everyone wants a selfie with me. Yes, two iPhone and iPad make my life easier and help you be aware of what is happening in the world, but I’d feel happier if I wasn’t asked to pose for a photo when I get on a plane or out of the hotel.

I was nicknamed the “king of selfies” because of photographs taken in space 12 Nov 1966

First selfie in Space
To live a full life as possible (to live life to the fullest), that’s my motto. I’ve lived a rich life. But this does not mean that the years passed at high speed. Believe me, I have a spare 10-15 years and hope that now is the time to slow down. Can’t complain that I haven’t lived. I was fortunate to spend a phenomenal.

Financial well-being helps the comfort. But true wealth — the kind of life you spend in the neighborhood of like-minded people. Since I at the age of seventeen took an oath at West point (the highest of the Federal military school for the US army. — approx. ed.), I lived according to the motto — “Duty. Honor. Fatherland”. I now live by these same principles. Did that to me financial well-being? Not at all. I have not received above-standard salaries for the military flight to the moon. But I have in the asset of family, friends and team that helps me not to part with the diving — a favorite thing of life. I’m rich because I live the way I want.

The formula for success? Oh My God! To find a deal where you’re good and do everything to become the best. Keep your eyes and mind open to see the clues and not miss a turn that will change the fate. Be open to new things, not be afraid of change, experimentation, and failures, too, don’t be afraid.