Why Finland decided to cancel all school subjects?

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Education in Finland is considered one of the best in the world and is among the ten most prestigious. However, this country decided not to stop there. The authorities want to organize a complete reorganization of the school system. Namely to cancel all school subjects. No lessons!

According to Marjo Kyllonen, head of the Department of education Helsinki: “There are schools that teach the old-fashioned way what was good in the early 1900’s. But the needs have now changed and we need to create something fit for the XXI century”. And this is very true and wise!

What will replace school subjects? Instead, children will learn the events of the interdisciplinary format. For example, the course “the restaurant” will teach students Economics, psychology and communication with others, English language and etiquette. A world war would be considered not only from the point of view of history, but also mathematics, geography.

Innovations initially affected high school students since 16 years. Each student will have the right of election topics to study necessary in the future. No more objections like “Why do I teach it?”. Also it will help high school students at an earlier age to become independent and responsible for their actions.

With its theoretical basis is understood, we go to practice. No more “teachers” and “students”, no desks. Children will be engaged not in large groups, in a close circle, in the form of a discussion.

In Helsinki teachers are already actively preparing for the new system of presenting information. Also, they expect a pay raise. Full introduction of the changes expected by 2020. In my opinion it will be a good example for other countries. How do you think?