How to find out if it will work of you a businesswoman?

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We often hear doubts: “I’m afraid… deceived… better invest in your business.” Notice the “” business at the same time often the interlocutor is not. People forget that by investing in someone else’s successful business, they give money to a man who knows how to do business. And when investing money in “your” business, your prospects are vague.

In fact, 99 out of 100 start-UPS just “burn” money. Of course, it is possible to treat this as education. Yes, a year of study at Harvard business school costs a little less than 100 thousand dollars. Now, your business can create for much less money. We formulate the question as follows: “with minimal loss to see if of you a businesswoman?”

To buy a franchise or build a business from scratch? The advantage of franchising is that in this case you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Business processes are spelled out, the concept tested and proven, the brand is ready. But it will have to pay. And valuable knowledge you will get much more, if you step on a rake all by yourself.

How to find out if it will work of you a businesswoman?

1. You have Internet, use it! First, you do not need to rent or buy space. Work from home, let your window become website.

2. Not much to invest in a website, the money you will need. There are a huge number of designers sites. With their help, you can create a website without technical skills. Just choose a template, fill in text fields and after about an hour your site is ready. In the future, you can hire programmers to make you a website of dreams.

3. Strongly ask for a deferred payment. The worst thing you can do is to buy the batch of goods for their money. A huge chance that you will remain as a memory about your experience in the business.

How to find out if it will work of you a businesswoman?

4. Determine who your customers are. Probably, would be correct at all with this item to start. Of course, you can always borrow”a customer base where you are currently working a salaried employee. And I know a lot of businesses and it started. In addition to abstract moral problems of this approach, there are also quite specific – if you own a business you have no luck, back hardly went back. So customers will have to find a new one, and from this it follows immediately the following item: promotion.

5. The promotion still have to spend money, but here you can save. Buy something useful from what can be easily measured, for example, visits to your website, or ad impressions. Then spending $ 100, you will be able to accurately count how many people entered your website, how many customers you brought it, to learn, respectively, the profitability of this process, etc. of Dubious benefit, for example, buying a Board in the city centre

6. Register as a private entrepreneur on a single tax. Working without registration, there is a chance that one of your customers will be the tax with a check. And spend time, money and nerves in the registration yet too early.

How to find out if it will work of you a businesswoman?

7. Define for yourself the terms and conditions of this business experiment to the end of this period, you could clearly answer the question – if you managed to escape from the office plankton and become a businesswoman.