Father suffers from Alzheimer’s. What makes son for man, surprised the world!

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Alzheimer’s disease — the scourge of the elderly. The ailments affecting the body, older people are calmer, because people may eventually learn to ignore the pain. But to the contagion, destroying memory, few people are able to get used to.

80-year-old Englishman Todd McDermott has long been battling with dementia. Once this white-haired gentleman was a professional singer. In addition the man was proud of the ability to keep in memory hundreds of songs. Today, however, he sometimes doesn’t even recognize his own son.

Fortunately, he did not leave the father in trouble. The guy came up for parents kind of therapy. As it turned out, singing not only lifts the old musician’s mood, but also slows the progress of his disease.

To attract the attention of society to people affected by Alzheimer’s disease, young Mack recorded a few videos in which he and his father singing along to the sounds of the radio. Creative man did not expect such a strong response from the audience. Today his video has been viewed over three million times!

Looking at how old the singer indulges his hobby, you notice that the elderly gentleman’s health is improving right before our eyes. Once Todd has dedicated the music of his life, and now she returns his memory.

Son of the singer was contacted by thousands of admiring people. “I wish someone was singing with me when my time comes,” said one of them. With this point of view is difficult to disagree!