Falling into the pool, the kid saved the lives of hundreds of other children!

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Changeable and Moody body of water is dangerous even for an adult, what can we say about little children. Not knowing how to swim crumbs are killed regularly in the ponds. According to scientists, drowning was the leading cause of death among children five and less years in 18 US States. Many parents simply do not have time to keep track of their offspring.

To save from death the kids, one doctor in 1966 established the company, teaching babies to swim almost from birth. Today, on account of this organization has 788 documented cases in which their lessons have saved the child’s life.

Past these courses the toddler is able to stay on the surface of the pond, even if fully shod and clothed. A clear demonstration of the skills of a small child that you will see in this video will prove everyone, without exception, the parents how important it is to teach their babies swimming as early as possible. Scroll roller on 41st second and see for myself!

First and foremost, the authors of the courses are taught every single one of the kids to swim to the surface, roll over on your back and call for help. Well, if you help the child to no one, he can swim back to the edge of the pond and out to the shore. Such lessons never hurts!