How to effectively train in the fall: 10 simple tips

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To train outdoors not only more effective but also more pleasant than in the room — it’s a pretty known fact. But what about autumn, when the amount of sunlight decreases every day? Talk about ten ways to inspire yourself, which will not allow you to exchange outside the hall ahead of time.

1. Try to do your best

Daylight with each passing day is becoming less so try to spend more time in training — and train longer than usual. The ideal option is to take a small vacation to exercise in the past season (but we understand that it is you, of course, is unlikely to do).

2. Plan workout

Record your workouts in your calendar and mark them as important events. Try to treat them as business meetings, so as not to miss any classes. In the end, you can always sacrifice a lunch break and go for a jog.

How to effectively train in the fall: 10 simple tips

3. Change habits

If you used to exercise after work in the fall, you are unlikely to succeed — the sun will disappear before you leave the office. Try to get up early and have time to practice before you have to occupy the workplace. Just move some things in the evening or even go to bed early — the window is still dark.

4. Exercise at lunchtime

We mentioned workout at lunchtime in the previous advice, but will discuss it in details. Try to go for a run at lunch instead of sitting with colleagues in a café across the street from the office. In autumn, the body will lack of vitamin D, so even a short exercise will do you good. In addition, after the lesson, you will absolutely spend the rest of the day in high spirits.
How to effectively train in the fall: 10 simple tips

5. Revise your exercise plan

Take a look at your exercise plan: there certainly is strength training in the gym, trips to the pool or yoga. All you can do after the sun goes down. Add to your training plan more running or Cycling and try every day to walk in the fresh air — pool and gym, there is a winter.

6. Don’t waste time on nonsense

If the summer after a workout, you can afford a leisurely walk in the Park and listen to the new album of your favorite band, the fall you will have no time for this. As long fees on training — as long as you choose a t-shirt today will go for a run, the sun goes down. The same applies to everyday things: the longer you choose products at the supermarket, the less time you have to practice.

How to effectively train in the fall: 10 simple tips

7. Wake up early

The best way to get a workout in while the sun is awake with the sunrise. If you can’t do on their best in the morning, then take the time to work on household chores immediately after the end of the working day you still have time for sports.

8. Cook your food in advance

Cook several portions so as not to waste time every time you wanted to eat. If you exercise in the morning, try to cook Breakfast again in the evening, after you got out of bed, you just had to eat a bowl of oatmeal. Cooking should not distract you from your training, especially in the fall.

How to effectively train in the fall: 10 simple tips

9. Train with friends

If you agree with someone about the training in advance, you will be doubly embarrassing to miss it. Especially if we are talking about the autumn months, when literally every minute of sunlight counts. In addition, to train in the company of more fun — here’s an extra incentive to get out of bed half an hour early.

10. Talk with them

Rather, ask yourself: “Why should I go to the gym?”. If you have a clear answer to this question, then no additional incentive is not necessary. For example, if you like to ride a bike in a Sunny day, ask yourself this question, you probably will say something like: “This may be the last day of the year when I’m going for a bike ride”. In this case, you just go to the gym!