Effective tips for men to recover after a workout

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Immediately after training it is advisable to take:

BCAA – about 3-5 g to suppress catabolism and increased secretion of anabolic hormones

Creatine – 3 g for the shortfall of energy substrate creatine phosphate. After workout creatine is absorbed best.

Glutamine – about 3 g, used for energy production, is to restore the muscle tissue, stimulates the secretion of growth hormone

Water – to 1 liter, is required for the normalization of water-electrolyte balance. It is advisable to take a canteen of mineral water.

– If you use insulin for anabolic purposes, the best time to perform the injection – 30-60 minutes after your workout.

Effective tips for men to recover after a workout

The second phase (20-30 minutes after workout):

– Protein is the main source of amino acids, catabolism suppressor and a stimulator of secretion of anabolic hormones. Taken 30 minutes after a workout, about 30g after a workout If you take BCAA’s and other amino acids, the protein you need to take in soon after training.

Carbohydrates should make about 60 to 100 grams of carbohydrates of medium complexity (maltodextrin, flour products, potatoes, cereals, rice, corn) within 30-40 minutes after your workout. If you are inclined to excess weight, use only complex carbohydrates in an amount of not more than 30 g.

Water – keep fluid rehydration with mineral water.
Sleep – a great tool for post-workout recovery

– If you are taking anabolic steroids, oral drugs should preferably be taken in the second phase of recovery.

Effective tips for men to recover after a workout

Additional methods:

– Complete hitch after each workout.

Deep massage – improves mood, gives tone to the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and elimination of toxins from muscle tissue.

Recovery rates

Indicators that allow to determine how well your body recovers:

Pulse – 2 hours after workout, sitting below 75 beats per minute. If pulse rate is higher, should think about heart problems or overtraining. A similar measure is blood pressure.

Sleep strong and productive. Improper training regime disrupted the process of falling asleep in the first half of the day there is a feeling of sleepiness, erratic sleep at night.

Health – deteriorates when not full recovery. This is one of the most important, but specific signals. You may feel pain in the heart area.

Progress – available only with full recovery.

Effective tips for men to recover after a workout