The effect of the presence: 7 ways to live “here and now”

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1. Prioritize

The desire to please everyone, fear of disappointing their loved ones or to justify someone else’s expectations — that’s the first obstacle on the way to listen to yourself and understand what it is you want. To build their lives with an eye on the other is simply dangerous: the risk to remain with nothing and all the remaining time to devote to the search for the guilty.

To each day was filled with you to live it in harmony with yourself, you need to decide what is really important and essential for you. Thus, further action will not be contrary to your views and values, but rather will become more meaningful. Well, this is the ideal, to which, of course, we all strive for.

The effect of the presence: 7 ways to live "here and now"
2. Be happy

Many people sincerely believe that happiness is something that comes from outside, it gives you work, career, personal life. Really? The true source of happiness — is you. It is a choice that every man makes himself, and this choice is absolutely not associated with either the weather or the exchange rates. Be happier — it is rather a decision taken in spite of, rather than thanks.

A sure way to disaster — a belief that someone or something in an instant will make you happy. At the moment when these expectations are not met, there will be nothing but frustration and pain.

3. Don’t think about the disadvantages

Another step on the path to feeling much better, it is an attempt to focus on their own abilities and merits. Preoccupation with the faults or a permanent pursuit of excellence — an example of meaningless action, which is exhausting, but does not build. Don’t waste time searching for things that do not better appreciate and use what you have.

It is impossible to be the best in everything, more productive and more enjoyable is to focus on what inspires you and captivates. A new passion is best taken as an experience and development, not as another race for the first place. Remember that underdog often play favorites.

The effect of the presence: 7 ways to live "here and now"
4. Live with an open heart

Constant anxieties and worries about the future absorbs the present and every day be a preparation for the next day. Time flies with incredible speed, erasing the shades of feelings and emotions, life becomes monotonous and empty.

But if to be open every day, learning and studying the world around them, we can see an entirely new reality with vivid colors, smells, the little details that are simply impossible to discern when you are in a hurry. Focus on what you feel, not on what you think.

5. Forget about past mistakes

To remember the events of the past, to blame themselves for their mistakes — this is nothing like transfer old problems to the present, recharge them with new energy. Chase thought about what the best times are behind us. You only have today to filled with new adventures and achievements.

The effect of the presence: 7 ways to live "here and now"
6. Get pleasure from each action

Meditation is the easiest way to learn how to feel the here and now, but he’s not the only one. Whatever you do, try to get involved in the process, reflecting on every move, regardless of, you are doing creative or routine work. If you sit, enjoy the feeling of inactivity and rest. If you run, feel your feet in contact with the ground as the muscles pushing you forward, as the lungs fill with air, and the landscapes follow each other. All of these paintings, which today we try to paint in your imagination, of course, awfully sugary and can cause even embarrassment, but what can you do. Neither you nor we are the heroes of romantic comedies, nonetheless we all try to live your life happily. Suddenly at least one tip from this article will help you to be happier — we’ll be happy.

7. Trust yourself

The conclusion is this: listen to yourself and don’t be afraid to follow your instincts. Learning to trust yourself, you will feel confident, and your actions will be natural and lucid. Remember: discoveries come to prepared minds, the spontaneous ideas and thoughts — not a coincidence, but a clear hint on what you need. Well, Yes, forgive us for the article, full of optimism. We just really believe in what you say and advise you. Including that you need to trust yourself.

The effect of the presence: 7 ways to live "here and now"