How to eat after cardio to achieve the desired result

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Eating cake after a workout and wonder why the weight does not go away. Yes, you are definitely doing something wrong. tell you what actually need to eat after cardio and what nutrients the body needs after exercise.

Cardio or aerobic exercise saturate the body with oxygen, develop endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Cardio is running, walking, swimming, Cycling. To cardio benefits during training, you need to constantly follow the pulse.

Also aerobic exercise promote thermogenic fat burning. But we must remember that the fat begins to burn, when depleted of glycogen (that is, the fat becomes a source of energy after about 40 minutes of exercise). And given the fact that the body pretty quickly gets used to the cardio, I advise you to combine them with strength training.

How to eat after cardio to achieve the desired result

Tips dietitians:

Classes cardio lead to the depletion of glucose in the blood and glycogen in the muscles and also contribute to the accumulation of ketones in the blood and exhaustion of the adrenal glands. Therefore, to obtain a positive result from exercise you need to plan long-term exercise and properly get out of them (not least). Since the formation energy occurs in the so-called tricarboxylic acid cycle, where starting and constant element is glucose, you just need to eat complex carbohydrates before exercise and replenish them after class. Ketones as side cleavage products give stress on the kidneys, so you need to take care of water balance. Restore adrenal function will help vitamin C and small amount of salt and glucose.

During exercise your body uses a lot of energy. And if after a short training is enough snack food and water, after intensive classes need more “feeding”. If within an hour or two after a workout to replenish your lost energy, your muscles are not properly restored and all the work done can go down the drain. And it is certainly not the outcome you had in mind.

Tip from the coach:

We must first understand what you want to achieve as a result of the training: to lose weight, change body composition, gain muscle, prepare for a race/competition or simply to get your body in good health. Continue to go for their goals. When I’m ready to shoot, I build a strict and very boring food (fish/meat + veggies every 3-4 hours), exercise the same build so that they are matched with these intervals.

After the cardio I eat a light salad (such as “Caesar” without sauce and crackers), and after 1-2 hours it should be a hearty meal.

How to eat after cardio to achieve the desired result

Repeat to build the power you need depending on your goal.

1. If your goal is to lose weight, nutrition will depend on the training (people need to eat every 3-4 hours) and has an individual calorie. Just plan your workout between the scheduled meals.

2. If you want to keep yourself in good shape, it is important variety of food with the prescribed caloric content. After a workout, you can eat vegetable salad with feta cheese or feta, pumpkin soup without cream with chicken or seafood or lentil soup.

3. Diet for athletes contains more complex carbohydrates + protein for muscle recovery. For example: beef stew with beans, chicken with rice and soy sauce, or noodles with vegetables + meat (about 30-60 minutes after a workout).