How easy to make fragrant bath bombs at home

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Such bombs will transform your bathroom into a small spa. Not only do they fill the room a pleasant aroma, but will soften the water and moisturize the skin. In General, you certainly need it.

What you will need for bombs:

How easy to make fragrant bath bombs at home
– Baking soda;

– citric acid;

– sea salt;

– base oil (olive, almond or any other vegetable);

– essential oil;

– clay, powdered milk or starch;

– natural supplements — dried flowers, cereal, coffee beans, poppy seeds, ground cinnamon,

– turmeric and others;

– dyes — on request;

– a spray bottle with water;

– gloves and a respirator;

– molds — this can be a plastic container, silicone molds for baking or ice, special spherical shape for bombs;

– utensils for mixing.

How to make bombs:

  1. First we need to grind citric acid and salt in a coffee grinder or a mortar;
    take four tablespoons of baking soda — it softens hard water.
  2. Add a tablespoon of ground sea salt — it will enrich the skin with trace elements, will help to relax the muscles.How easy to make fragrant bath bombs at home
  3. Then put three tablespoons of powdered milk, clay or starch — also soften the water and clay have useful for skin properties.
  4. Stir and carefully add two tablespoons of citric acid. Use a respirator — small-citric acid a little “dusty”.How easy to make fragrant bath bombs at home
  5. Pour a tablespoon of base oil, for example olive it perfectly moisturizes the skin;
    add about a teaspoon or slightly less of dried flowers or spices if required. They need as icing on the cake for beauty.
  6. Add 20 drops of essential oil. Want to take a soothing bath — add lavender, tonic — orange or grapefruit, antiseptic — perfect essential oils of coniferous trees.
  7. Continue to stir until a homogeneous state.
  8. Carefully spray water from a spray bottle and mix the mass by hand. The consistency should be such that you could build something with your hands, but it is pretty crumbly.How easy to make fragrant bath bombs at home
  9. Fill the ramekins, carefully tamping the mix into them. If you use the two halves of the sphere, put the mixture into each of them and bind them. Do not twist the halves, just hold them tight to each other. Wait a few minutes, then carefully remove the bonded mixture of molds.
  10. Ready the bomb you need to lie down for a few hours in a dry warm place. Then you can safely use it.

3 important council:

How easy to make fragrant bath bombs at home
– If you do a Cannonball for the first time does not knead a large number of ingredients — try to stick to our proportions;

– cook swirling the balls in a dry place — they react quickly to humidity;

– to get a beautiful and useful bomb, try to think in advance of her color combination, and the future fragrance. It does not attempt to include in recipe all the components that you have at home.