Don’t exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life

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Life can seem complicated when torn between trying to maintain good relations with friends, stay in touch with relatives, grab the stars in the sky at work and time to do the housework. says, that we ourselves complicate their existence, no one but ourselves, can’t help to simplify it. The proof of these words are the results of a survey conducted among users of the Internet platform Quora.

In this collection assembled the best ideas to streamline our everyday life. Using these tips, you will find that you can cope with the routine you with less strength and energy.

Learn to say “no”

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
Perhaps it is not easy. But learning to say “no” to what you will create in your life an obstacle, you make room for truly important and meaningful elements.

“You must learn to say “no” to everything that does not play any role, — says the Respondent Oliver Emberton. — Practice the rejection of all unnecessary by default, but allow yourself a rare wonderful exceptions.

As soon as you begin, personal priorities immediately begin to emerge much more clearly.

Live in another country

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
Quora user Mark Peng advises a few years to live in another country. A move of this magnitude will force you to give up complications like unloved work or burden relationship. In addition, it will help you to find the power to renounce of many unnecessary, but seemingly important things.

“When you come back, you will have less baggage, both tangible and intangible, in many aspects you can start with a clean slate,” he explains.

Make a decision

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
Leaving unanswered the decision of a question with the phrase “I don’t know, we only complicate the choice in the long run.

Answering the question about the simplification of life, the wearer Quora Radhika Devidas explains: “All of these “I don’t know” and related emotions suggests that before you make an important decision, you need some time to think. Abandoned at this stage, the problem grows like a snowball, and often become malignant until the moment you remembered about it again”.

Get in the house

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
A regular platform-questionnaire Patricia Minolt advises once a year to wash all the dirty linen in public — in the most literal sense of the word.

“Get rid of half of their things,” she encourages. — Of course, within a year you will once again bought a lot of things, but in General the total number of items will decrease. You’ll be surprised how few things really necessary for life”.

Otem, Nudson, another activist platform, fully agree. He adds that each of us should focus on buying only high-quality necessities.

“Listen to this advice, and you will not have to worry about repairing or replacing these things,” says, Nudson.

The less time you will spend on replacement of worn-out clothes or furniture, the more it will remain for a more important task.

Decide what you really need

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
Very easy to get caught up in the abyss of their own desires: to figure out what you want to do something, and convince yourself that you can’t live without it. In fact, people need not so much: food, water and shelter.

“The more we have/achieve/yearn for, the less our own life belongs to us,” said an Internet user with the nickname crystal hannigan. In the end, people themselves become property of their acquisitions and new things”.

Do not let spacious homes, luxury cars and designer clothes are becoming on your way to more important things — like finding your life’s purpose and closer relationships with family and friends, says hannigan.

The bike

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
Do not complicate the question of travel across the city. The simpler the vehicle is, the less attention it requires, leaving time for other aspects of our lives.

You’ll save on petrol, insurance, Parking, maintenance. Who needs a gym membership? Will train on way to work!” — assumes Respondent Ryan Killoran.

Killoran — not the only one who thought so. Expert Mike Lince offers to sell the car.

“Take the sum spent on the maintenance of the car. Separate from her money for the trip by hitchhiking, taxis and public transport. You even will some amount for other purposes, ” he writes. And along the way, which you used to spend driving can be spent on reading, PolyGram or solve a puzzle”.

Take a break from your smartphone

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
Our smartphones allow us to check emails, reply to SMS and go to a new level of video game Candy Crush. And they eat our precious time and cause unnecessary stress.

May forever refuse to use a smartphone — not the best option. However, life will be much easier if you learn to leave your phone in the moments when you are sure that you just do not need. It advises Respondent Mike Fishbein.

Learn organization

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
The longer you manage to maintain order in the workplace, the longer the order will reign in your head.

According to the user Christopher Chan, organization and accuracy ensures that you will be able to find the book, document or folder. You will save your time. No matter how trivial it seems this phrase, but neat work space around you is clear of thoughts within you. The order in the workplace will help to get rid of the chaos in my head.”

Another way to get rid of clutter: pay bills online and register for paperless Bank account.

“You have immediately reduced the amount of paper mail. What remains, you can throw it in the trash,” confirms Steve Coffman.

Enjoy the little things

Don't exaggerate. 9 tips that will help simplify your life
Take time to appreciate the small good moments in life. Do not try to do everything.

Wearer Den Allier, for example, suggests: “Watch the sunset, enjoy the laughter of a child, pay for coffee for the person sitting at the next table, smile to a stranger, listen to your favorite music, call your mom and say you love her, drink more water, enjoy fresh, tasty, crisp red Apple and set a goal — to make this world a better place.