Divide and conquer: 5 ways to manipulate people

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If you need to reach out to your colleagues and friends, we offer you to learn a few simple techniques.

Have you ever that when you are trying to convey to friends the idea, but nobody hears you? Probably, this problem is faced by everyone. It appears to affect people’s opinions enough to know a few simple rules.

Likestory.net reveals to you 5 easy methods of manipulation.

Method of logical circuit

To act the way you want, you must run in his thinking mechanism sequence. According to psychologists, the main point in this chain is commitment. The man who took the word, will try to implement it.

For example, if the player declared the best athlete in town, he will make every effort to maintain your status.

Divide and conquer: 5 ways to manipulate people

The Method Of Benjamin Franklin

The method of Benjamin Franklin, or, as it is called in another way- asking for help, is that in helping, the person expects a service in return. Thus, you can decide what and how you answer good.

Method positive reinforcement

This method is that any reward or praise for this or that prompt the person to execute the same action in the future. According to the American psychologist Skinner, that’s praise, not punishment, is able to effectively educate the person.

Method of group reinforcement

Following this principle, if you are going to repeat many times the same statement in the circle of his friends and relatives, then after some time they will accept it for the truth. American writer Robert Carroll said that such a judgment is not necessarily true.

Divide and conquer: 5 ways to manipulate people

The principle of embedded speech commands

The main principle of working in public — speaking loudly and clearly to make the public the right mood. It is necessary to insert into their speech words painted. And not to neglect gestures.