A diet of pizza: how to lose weight 20 pounds

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American Matt McClellan developed diet for athletes, the only dish which turned out to be pizza. Matt adheres to such a diet for six years, and, according to him, now he is less tired, feel better your body and overall happier. Understand the secret of his diet.

Matt McClellan owns a restaurant Tour de Pizza in the American St. Petersburg, Florida, and regularly travels by bike. Six years ago, Matt decided to develop a diet for cyclists, consisting of only one pizza. “I wanted to show that you can have only their favorite foods and be healthy at the same time,” he says.

Its unique diet includes 2,400 calories, and only six pieces of pizza, in the amount equivalent to one pizza with a diameter of 16,5 inches. Pizza contains all the Essentials for complete nutrition — lean proteins, a little fat meat, antioxidant-rich vegetables and a little cheese. Matt ate one piece every two hours and trained for one hour five days a week, alternating between Cycling, running and swimming.

As a result, for the first month he lost 20 pounds, his cholesterol dropped from 243 to 157, and the content of fat in the body — from 20 to 8 percent. He noticed that he could ride a bike faster and longer while recovering faster. After that, McClellan used his diet in preparation for the new York marathon.

To achieve this Matt is not the end. Realizing all the delights of his diet, he drove nearly 1305 miles on the bike, from its restaurant to times square for 30 days. During stops he only ate pizza and told a stranger about its benefits. “I don’t want everyone around to eat only pizza. Rather, I want people changed their attitude towards pizza as fast food,” he notes.

A diet of pizza: how to lose weight 20 pounds

4 tips from Matt on how to make pizza healthier:

1. Dough: thin and made with whole wheat flour. “This dough will give you the necessary amount of carbohydrates, and thus you will not worry about their own figure.”

2. Sauce: chopped garlic and olive oil traditional marinara sauce. “Garlic boosts the immune system, olive oil is rich in antioxidants”.

3. Filling: McClellan adds to the pizza chicken (protein source), vegetables high in antioxidants (such as broccoli and spinach) and avocado slices (which contains large amounts of healthy fats).

4. Cheese: best suited low-fat mozzarella. “Don’t need to add too much cheese — its quantity does not depend on taste.”

A diet of pizza: how to lose weight 20 pounds

That thinks about the endocrinologist, nutritionist, founder of nutrition “Wright diet”:

— I to some extent agree with Matt, because in reality there can be everything. The point here is: if you can’t live without sandwiches for Breakfast, just cook them of useful products. The same goes for pizza. If we look at the pizza, which feeds on American, we can see that there is nothing harmful. It involves slow carbs, lots of fiber, proteins and healthy fats in the form of olive oil, which, by the way, not so long ago was recognized as a product that prolongs life. While Matt doesn’t eat at night, as his pizza is rich in carbohydrates.

It should be noted that proper nutrition does not imply a complete rejection of any products. Man gets used to a certain diet and produces certain habits which are very difficult to change. But you can change the ingredients, making them no less delicious, but much healthier. You do not need to dwell on food. We have a huge amount of stuff that is fun. We can exercise, learn something new, to achieve certain goals, to love each other, sex is not constantly thinking about their own diet. Food helps us to live, but not worth much to focus her attention — just need to work out a convenient plan of eating and to enjoy life. Compliance with the principles of proper nutrition should not affect mood. People sitting on a diet, feel stressed, refusing favorite foods. Each person can choose healthy foods for their habits and taste sensations, without limiting yourself to something without exposing ourselves to stress. So nothing surprising or wrong with eating pizza or burgers, no. The main thing that all it was prepared in accordance with the rules of healthy nutrition — balance of proteins and slow carbs, plenty of fiber and lowest amount of fast carbs and fat.