Why on the diet all eat cottage cheese?

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Likestory.net will ll tell you why eat cottage cheese for dinner is a good idea. This milk product can really help you to lose weight.

Curd is a dairy product that is traditionally eaten in Northern and Eastern Europe. Cottage cheese
is produced by fermentation of milk with subsequent removal of whey.

Cottage cheese can be fatty, bold, low-fat diet. It is useful because it contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, b vitamins and complete protein and easily digestible fat. In the processing of milk into cheese milk protein becomes more accessible to cleavage enzyme that allows the body to easily absorb. Also cottage cheese is rich in various nutrients (choline, methionine) that prevents the development of atherosclerosis. This dairy product can be eaten in diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis. In addition, it is recommended to use after fracture.

Why on the diet all eat cottage cheese?

To judge the quality of the cheese can be on its composition. It is better to choose a product, which are just a few ingredients — milk and starter. Pay attention to the expiration date: the smaller it is, the better. But now there is the cheese, which is Packed with a displacement of air. This allows to increase the shelf life of the product without loss of quality. Remember: we are talking about pure, no additives cheese and cheese product.

People who follow a certain diet, willingly eat cheese is a balanced product, rich in protein, which is important for dietary restrictions. In addition, it provides satiety. Also it is possible to prepare many different dishes: make it sweet or savory, to cook cheesecakes, casseroles, etc. It allows to diversify the diet during a diet.

Eat cheese you can in the evening. The digestive system spends less energy on digesting it and the person goes to bed not hungry but not fullness. In laboratory experiments, scientists have identified: the digestion of the curd produces less gastric juice, hydrochloric acid and enzymes than, for example, to digest pure milk.

Why on the diet all eat cottage cheese?

Was also installed following fact: curd helps to get rid of extra pounds — the interaction of calcium with essential amino acids intensively influences the metabolism of fat cells and fat oxidation. A similar process is characteristic of all fermented milk products. But all you need to know measure — average consumption of protein is 0.86—0.95 g/kg of body weight. That is the girl who weighs 55 pounds, can eat 47 grams of protein per day (this calculation shows the protein intake of an average girl, without the active exercise and chronic diseases). But do not forget this: 10-15% of protein from food are not absorbed, that is, the girl needs to consume about 50 grams of protein. In the middle of the pack of cheese contains about 32 grams of protein and then 1.5—2 packs — this is the daily amount of protein without extra food.

If you don’t like cottage cheese, don’t need to eat it through force. You can replace it with other dairy products such as cheese (by the way, the cheese contains more calcium than cottage cheese). If you waive any and all milk products should add in the diet more poultry, meat, eggs, fish and nuts.