How to determine a person’s character by the fruit?

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While chatting with a new person we often lack the time (insight, experience, knowledge or observation) in order to get to the peculiarities of his (or her) character that would help to answer the question of whether to continue this communication. And most importantly, what it means in the future. But as it turns out, is quite easy and very original way better to know a person: by his beloved fruit. By the way, to make sure or doubt it, you can first to go through this test.

Choose some fruit: Apple, apricot, pineapple or banana?


How to determine a person's character by the fruit?
It is believed that if a person more than any other fruits likes apples, he is very hardworking and diligent. He has a strong character, so, if it decides to achieve something, the goal is usually quickly and decisively, “Munch” — and here he is celebrating a victory. But if a man is characterized by all with the best hand, girls and women who prefer apples, it would not hurt to be a little more feminine.

In General, the “Apple” is usually pronounced workaholics. The more work the better they feel. But they there are times when even a favorite thing does not bring the expected pleasure. And then the hands go down, so I don’t want to. In fact, the body signals that he was tired. And then, as they say, who in what is ready: concerts, theaters, noisy gatherings with friends or quiet evening in the company of a loved one. Everyone has their own ways to relieve accumulated tension. Most importantly, not to ignore.


How to determine a person's character by the fruit?
This sweet and juicy fruit is usually like a creative. They are truly happy only when they descends inspiration. The creative impulse they can sit for days behind a computer or Desk, creating masterpiece after masterpiece. But, for example, to get up early, come at the appointed time, to spend a few hours on a solution for uninteresting tasks — it is not for them. Lovers of apricot can’t stand rush and I hate when they are forced to do something under duress. Usually people think that they are optional. And, hand on heart, I must admit that some truth in this after all. Therefore, those who prefer apricots, you can try to have some kind of animal. Care who take care of themselves can not, usually it helps become more focused and responsible.


How to determine a person's character by the fruit?
This is the best treat for these aesthetes. They know how to turn gray days into a real celebration, try to live among beautiful things. It is in their spirit to tighten the belt, then to buy fancy shoes, or hair done at a famous stylist. They try not to miss any important premieres and I can’t stand any expression of banality. So sometimes I am too demanding of the people. And here it may be helpful to start keeping a diary in which were recorded all the impression about what happened during the day events. And if it is found that the critical comments in it than I would like, it is necessary to muffle a little the level of their expectations to the world.


How to determine a person's character by the fruit?
They are more like visionaries and dreamers. They often found it difficult to focus on any certain case, and therefore due to absent-mindedness, they often get themselves into trouble. By the way, it is considered that these situations are very helpful health and fitness yoga (a simplified version of classical yoga). All the subtleties of the ancient Indian art of insight is not necessary, but learn at the right time to focus — can be quite.