Destroyers of femininity

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1. Excessive social activity

Social action for women is almost always an attempt to compensate the lack of love. For women it is useful to find a job that will allow her to unwind from family responsibilities, to expand the range of positive communication, it must be the work of the soul.

2. Vanity

Vanity and satisfaction – are incompatible. Vanity creates tension in both body and in mind, in the emotional state of the woman. The juggling suffer nervous and hormonal systems.

3. Too much socialization outside, outside the family, outside the circle of their comfort

If a man develops overcoming difficulties, the competition, communicating with those with whom to communicate is difficult, where there is no love, for a woman to be outside of the comfort zone is not helpful. It spends its psychic energy. When a woman communicates with a loving environment, her female force increases.

4. Work that isn’t fun

One of the key mistakes a woman to do what she doesn’t like. Why? In this case, the women are forced to overcome difficulties. Even if it’s a woman’s job, but it takes a long time, is wasting her energy. If the woman don’t like it, if it is through the power of the every morning goes to, so she spends her femininity.

5. Pants, trousers

The woman accumulates the energy coming from the earth. This helped her long skirts and dresses. If a woman wears pants in earth energy, fertility, simply dissipated. Femininity is suffering, if a woman has a limited, meager, pale or unloved closet, old furniture, faded Wallpaper. There is no case in which a woman keeps her entire wardrobe. Wardrobe for men means nothing, and for women is the world.

6. Unfeminine haircuts.

In the hair, as in a battery, the woman accumulates psychic energy. It is therefore useful to take care of their hair. Short boys haircuts do not add femininity. They are certainly more practical, but practicality is the word from the vocabulary of men.

7. The lack of ornamentation, the inability to use the accessories

Every woman knows how much it can improve her mood well-chosen decoration, no matter it is diamonds or jewelry – the possibilities are different.

8. No attention to your own body

Woman often live events through the body, through sensations in the body. A tense body does not add to happiness. For women – a sacred duty to care for their own body.

9. Emotional stagnation

If the woman herself or her environment forbid her to Express through emotions, it may cause depression. Sometimes women believe that they are entitled to only good emotions. But it’s not, you’re not robots.

Well, if the woman is the man with whom she can Express all their emotions. Men often provoke tantrums when not listening to a woman who does not allow her to Express their emotions until they reached a boiling point.

10. The lack of a hobby

For women, it is important to have a lesson for the soul, which may not even be money in it, but it gives you emotional satisfaction. Well, if the man supports the woman in her passions and allows her to allocate time for it.

11. Lack of creativity

The nature of women to improve the space, to create a cosiness and comfort. Flowers, flower beds, vases, curtains, paintings, all this creates a unique charm to the interior. Well, if a woman has a piece of the universe where it manifests his creativity.

12. Attempt to lead

The woman may very well lead, but it is better not to do it. It’s not her nature. A woman should inspire. External things are decided by only a man. For example, a woman asked to take a loan and then go crazy like to pay. Such issues are decided by only a man and a woman is better not to know about it.

13. The lack of women’s load

Household chores are not a burden to women. On the contrary, they develop its nature, has the desire to care for others. Of course, sometimes she really needs a man’s help, his support.
But if the woman shifts all the household chores to the housemaid is a big mistake. At least to prepare food for their Pets is good women’s practice. To women’s workloads also include yoga and dance.

14. Conflicts

In conflicts, the nature of the woman’s coarse. This is especially true with men. If it conflicts with them, it becomes rougher. Wise women know that through humility they can get men much greater.

15. Manly duties

Crackdown, moving furniture, managing the enterprise, command of the company, earning per family, loans, mortgages… It’s all men’s work and woman does not participate in them.

16. Competition

Women’s nature is destroyed in the competition. No need to fight, to prove all this reduces the power of women.

17. Independence

Autonomy, power, control, persistence in achieving their goals.

18. Pride

The principle of “I’ll do it, why stoop to ask someone,” or when a woman in any situation thinks, “I can do better, faster, better” are all manifestations of pride, which reduces women’s power.

19. Attachment to the result

When a woman is bound to the result and thinks: “If this does not happen, will not happen – I will be bad.” A wise woman is happy with what you have. From condition satisfaction life gives the woman a much greater prosperity. This is a consequence of the psychology of abundance.

When a woman becomes attached to objects of pleasure, and begins to suffer from a lack of something, it develops a mindset of scarcity, which in turn leads to negative feelings such as jealousy, irritation, anger. All this destroys the female psyche.

Sometimes these emotions push a woman to achieve the result, it’s going to earn itself. But the woman is not experiencing happiness when it spends your money. She was pleased when she does the man.

20. Mechanical life

Stereotypical life-in principle at all, as it should, as taught – kills female creativity. A woman puts love in everything he does. And love is spontaneous and sparkling in nature.

21. Complaints

Complaints are always an attempt to avoid responsibility. Very easy to shift responsibility to someone else to blame their problems on another person. The woman useful to say what she feels and to ask for help.

The difference between a request and a complaint – in the mood. The woman consults with the man, and puts it before the fact.

22. Mens sports and leisure

Men’s activities develop in a woman the spirit of struggle and competition, while the woman’s nature is cooperation and care.

23. The lack of friends

Female for intimate communication need women.

24. The lack of personal time

Just for myself and just women’s stuff. A woman definitely need to spend time on the small stuff, and sometimes money, too.

25. The lack of good sleep – if a woman is late to bed, late to rise