The dangerous “negative state” for your business

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Today to share with you a young successful businessman article about how dangerous decisions being in “a negative state.”

“I want to share one important theme. It is related to depression and negative state. This question applies to almost every person. No exceptions.

My friends. Business is UPS and downs. Particularly in the initial stages. To achieve this, it is necessary to go through fire and water, as well as the UPS and downs. It is inevitable. Anyone who has ever engaged in any his case, he certainly faced with such periods when hunting to drop everything and start anew. Many people merge with business the way it is because of emotional defeats. It is important to always keep the energy and be able to govern themselves.

In fact, what’s there to talk about business? The UPS and downs of emotional happen everywhere: school, sports, family, business, health and much more. Even in sports there are moments when it is hard. Especially in the early stages. Remember the first months or days in the gym! When after class my whole body aches and you can’t in the morning to get up or just roll over on its side during sleep. It’s been two days, and the pain is still the same.And it’s time to go out again. And you think what for me is necessary. Go to the computer to play. Or on the contrary, a month passed and no result . Lack of patience and anxiety. And you drop classes. The same is true in business, friends. Sometimes when something flies in the nines , you want to quit. I think hat this blog and projects, it is removed and re-live differently, or go niche, and will change everything. It is during emotional depression there are family troubles. People get divorced during a “family crisis.” They say, now live 5-7 years, and that is not so at all. And God forbid going to change and divorce. It is a common practice among the weak people. Man decides on divorce, mostly when he’s down. Man destroys a business or doing stupid things when he’s down. A man throws a sport when he’s down.

The dangerous "negative state" for your business

So what is the mistake these people? Why do people lose in the family, in sports, in business and otherwise, because of emotional breakdown? One answer: they make a decision during a negative state! That’s the main reason of many defeats ! Remember, friends ” NEVER MAKE DECISIONS DURING a NEGATIVE STATE! “. Write it down on a sheet of paper and hang it in your workplace. And every time You feel bad, remember it.

It’s hard for me to set a good example, but I chose one. Imagine a piece of paper. It’s your life or business. White and bright sheet of paper. You are all well and good. All awesome. And you accidentally dropped a drop of water on paper. And it gradually darkened and became visible spot. You no longer see white and beautiful sheet of paper. You just see the blur and all. With the mood the same person. When something went wrong, people forget about all the good. His whole emphasis falls on this issue. He sits and forget about the clean and beautiful papers. And what happens if people begin to scrub the wet spot? All right. It will ruin the paper and sticking it in the hole. Although he could just wait, and all now gone and stood in its place. I’m sorry for the psychology . But the best example I could not find it to be understood.

What to do when the negative state? My answer is: NOTHING! You just have to wait when this condition in itself will leave, like a drop of water dries on the paper. If you feel bad, deal with it. Don’t try to make a decision (change the niche to close the business, to divorce, to quit sports)! A good attitude always comes back. Depression is always temporary. Decisions need to be taken only during a positive attitude! Only then will people see clean the paper entirely and begins to see all perspectives and possibilities. Only then will you understand that is nothing wrong and did not happen. If you know that the problem is unsolvable, why bother? But if it solved, then why bother? The fact of the matter is, friends, that sometimes the man himself winds “problem,” and then on a negative note trying to fix it, and in fact just makes it all worse and worse.The dangerous "negative state" for your business

All very very very dumb mistakes I have made when I made decisions during adverse conditions. 1000 idiotic decision was adopted only due to the fact that I have struggled with depression. Now I understand that it is impossible to fight it. Often it is necessary to wait. The funny thing is that sometimes enough just to sleep, and sometimes just to cry and all. In any case, it always comes relief. And many problems are solved by calm. And you will be surprised that when You have the attitude that you’ll just laugh at the decision that they wanted to take. I assure you.”