To dance: a guide to new styles of dance

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Twerk, krump and other popular destinations.

To be able to gracefully move to the music — great art. Especially when it comes to broken beats, hip-hop, or techno-pop. That’s why over the last couple of decades a huge number of new dance стилей. decided to figure out which of them really are original and which are just a free interpretation of well-known destinations.


When it comes to dancing in the style of modern jazz, the first thing comes to mind is the name of the beloved of Sergei Yesenin, American Isadora Duncan who is considered the founder of this genre. It appeared at the beginning of the last century as an alternative to school of classical ballet. Modern jazz is still very popular, as it is extremely “roomy” style — here you can see the elements of many directions. But still the main idea of jazz-modern — refusal centric songs, costumes, make-up, a compulsory set of movements. Moreover, it is possible to dance to any music.


In most cases, it is considered that is based primarily on the next step after the jazz-modern in the way of the liberation movements of the oppression of memorized ligaments and following a clear dance scheme. It is loose, it practically does not contain elements borrowed from other styles.


Of course, the most vivid illustration of this dance direction was the Madonna video for the same song in 1990. As the name implies, this style is directly linked to the fashion industry (in French Vogue means “fashion”), but the story of its creation cannot be called glamorous. Born in Vogue the walls of Harlem prison in new York, where the prisoners, imitating the models from the pages of glossy magazines, portrayed their affected gait and hand movements.


This trend has started to gain popularity once such performer, as Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea began to use the elements of dance in their performances. Twerking involves active movements of the buttocks, while the rest of the body remains stationary. Great example video of Kim Kardashian, where she gives master-class in this area its subscribers in Instagram.


Sharp, aggressive movements, rhythmic deflections, waving hands and jumping — this is the essence Kramp. The main mood of the dance is the rage, which spills out the contestants on their opponents. Performers of this style are combined in the so-called “family”, where is the main dancer (usually called Big Homie), he is the chief “choreographer” teacher and other members of the team. Interestingly, the names of the dancers also get depending on “family” and its “ancestor” (similar name). In addition, each participant has his title, who “complains” depending on how long a person is in the family jewels and what he has achieved.