Cyberchondria: how to fight the disease for the Internet generation

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65% of Brits prefer to use the Internet to look up symptoms.

One of the most common and harmful habits of everyone who owns unlimited Internet access, – to draw out all information. But worst of all, when you begins something to hurt, and you immediately gain the symptoms in a search engine.

First, subtract all of the alleged disease in Wikipedia, but it is usually in such cases is useless, and then you begin to open all links in turn. Before you open up dozens of sites, starting with those where it is written that this too shall pass “attach …” and ending with those that promise a painful death over the next few days.

What do you do then? Go to the doctor. Then it turns out that feelings had no basis. In the best case you will spend several hours in the queue with the grandparents in the public clinic in the worst – lay out a round sum for the nearest private clinic.

If you recognize yourself, then you are not alone: according to research conducted in the United States, many Americans do the same. According to tests, appointments with multiple doctors for no reason and other medical services that are not baseless, spent more than $ 20 billion. Most of them came to the doctor with printed articles from the Internet.

Cyberchondria: how to fight the disease for the Internet generation

In turn, Google says that health claims be 1% of the total number of queries is very hard. In 2001 coined the term Cyberchondria – a disorder consisting in the desire of setting self-diagnosis based on the symptoms described on the Internet. Since then the situation has only worsened.

In the UK in 2007 conducted a study which showed the true extent of the problem. According to the data obtained 65 % of Britons prefer to use the Internet to search for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases than to sign up to the doctor. Almost 50% of respondents were looking for websites of people with the same symptoms. 46% of UK Internet users were absolutely sure in the set using the Network diagnosis, turned to self-medication and buying of drugs, although the same study showed that the correct diagnoses are only 15% of cases.

Russia also conducted research on this subject: according to the national center for public opinion research, every third Russian was self-medicating and many of them looked the symptoms on the Internet, experts believe the main problems the lack of time and distrust of domestic medicine.

Cyberchondria: how to fight the disease for the Internet generation

Symptoms cyberchondria:

1. For every ailment you are turning to the Internet
2. You are too kind to their own health and, whenever possible, to measure pulse, blood pressure temperature, even if there is no reason.
3. You often take the medical online tests and “sit” on the forums
4. You feel worse after you read about the symptoms online
5. You don’t trust the doctors who work in real clinics
6. You are sure that in a healthy person can not do anything to hurt.

How to fight the disease:

The first thing you need to do is calm down. It’s time to remember that the Internet basically describes a rare and severe disease, the percentage of Contracting them is small, and information on websites no one ever checks. Temporary discomfort will pass, and in the case of serious symptoms, you should go to the doctor.

Go to a real doctor or at least pharmacist, they are able to understand how you have a serious disease and, if necessary, to send to the clinic. Here, by the way, you come in handy: like everything in this world about hospitals and doctors write reviews. Just remember that all reviews are subjective, and do not get fooled by advertising!

Turn off the computer. If you notice that you only gets worse when you thoroughly examine your symptoms, gather your strength, turn off the computer and try to distract – talk with loved ones or take care love. Chances are that you calm down and your diseases will themselves.