10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

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The most difficult thing during weight loss is exercise. Those who do not just love, and just feel for him affection and can’t live without them and day. Likestory.net will not leave you at such a difficult time and gives 10 tips that will help reduce cravings and get rid of the constant feeling of hunger.

1. Don’t give up on Breakfast

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

Sometimes in the morning do not want to eat, but skipping Breakfast even in this case absolutely wrong. A small snack will help you to stay satiated until dinner and not to remember about such an unpleasant feeling as hunger. Foreign scientists have found that girls who had problems with overweight, because every morning for Breakfast received a minimum of 350 calories and 13 grams of protein, decreased craving for salty and sweet foods. Experts believe that protein stimulates the production of the hormone dopamine which in turn helps to reduce the appetite. If not I doubt these results, then you will certainly fit one of these breakfasts.

2. Eat small portions

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

You very much wanted the brownie (so that there are no more forces to suffer). What are you doing? Go to the store and buy a whole package. Of course, one you will not be all. The following information will surprise you for sure: American scientists conducted a study in which several groups of students were given chips, cakes, chocolate and Apple pie. Some participants received a standard serving and other — in the form of small snacks. And what do you think? And those and others said that he had eaten and no longer feel hunger. This is only the second group received 76.8% fewer calories. Understand now? Do not overeat at once, and take only one small piece. In 15 minutes you will feel full and happy.

3. Find a replacement

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

Really want sweet? Go to the kitchen and eat fresh berries or fruit. Can’t watch football without chips? Buy on the market pistachios, or other crunchy peanuts. Finding a healthy alternative to candy and snacks, you will not only satisfy my need for favorite products, but also bring benefits to the body. Over time, these new snacks will become a habit and you no longer need in anything limit.

4. Try to understand why you want it

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

A bag of chips does not leave your hands. You already understand that you need to abandon them or at least begin to limit myself a bit, but nothing happens. Experts say that it is not in hunger, and in psychology. You need to understand why every time you eat something, even if recently eaten.

Try to take notes. It doesn’t have to be a huge diary: just do a small entry in the phone about what kind of emotions you experienced before you went back to the store or pulled out of the Cabinet a pack of forbidden snacks. Were you bored, sad, restless, scary, or have you experienced stress? Or, on the contrary, everything was just great? After a while you will be able to analyze your recordings and to understand which experience constant cravings for certain foods. This will help not to abandon them, but just control yourself at certain moments.

5. Combine useful and “prohibited” products

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

All or nothing is not the best motto in your case. Is not to completely abandon the junk food or to overeat them to the blade. Try to find a compromise: add to your lunch to two useful dishes one small dessert. This method really works: you get the necessary vitamins and nutrients from a low calorie meal, and a slice of cake or a cake will make the meal more pleasant and also pleasure. Importantly, as in all things, moderation — favorite “forbidden” must be less than a quarter of your lunch or dinner.

6. Don’t blame yourself

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

You’ve come to the birthday to the best friend, and there is, of course, there is a very delicious chocolate cake. To abandon a small piece will be incredibly difficult. But what feelings will you then experience? The joy and pleasure or guilty before him? What to you associate cake? With the feast or with the “forbidden fruit”?

Scientists say that these two groups share all the people. The study found out that those for whom cake is a celebration and joy, more control at the table and have fewer problems with excess weight. And those who feel guilty, on the contrary, focus on the topic, which may not always restricted to only one piece of it.

7. Don’t test the will power

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

It’s not the best helper in the struggle with constant hunger. Psychologists say that people who try to control myself, and then still broken, very hard to tolerate the failure and yourself for a long time, criticize and blame.

The right way to escape. Studies have shown that just three minutes of playing “Tetris” can help to reduce appetite better than a simple expectation and strength of will. A 15-minute walk will even help to forget about the chocolate bar.

8. Eliminate the temptations

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

What kind of diet and healthy eating can be when all the most delicious (and not always useful) surrounds you at every turn? And if you can still take myself in hand and go past the pastry shop, which smells amazing fresh pastries, to refuse cake at home will be much harder. It will lie on the table and constantly remind myself about. Urgently take action (no, we’re not about what we eat)!

Nutritionists in one voice shouting to you: “out of sight, out of mind”. To resist such temptations every day will not be easy, even people with iron will power. Follow the simple rules: if you live in a big family, the contract with relatives to hide “illegal” in the far corner of the wardrobe and the fridge, and do not buy these products once a week (chances are that “week” will end on the same evening). The less temptations around will, the less you will think about them (and, respectively).

9. Do not overdo it with diet

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

You have a very good goal is to lose weight. But as soon as you start a diet, immediately there is a huge stop-list of harmful, prohibited, unhealthy foods, which are all my favorite. The human brain is not easy to readjust one moment and refuse it. The mere word “diet” falls on your shoulders (and stomach) a heavy load and makes every day to overcome myself.

Losing weight on a diet is psychologically difficult to give up some foods than people who are just trying to look after themselves and keep fit. The rigid framework and restrictions is not always good. Don’t give up entirely on your favorite dishes: allow yourself to eat sometimes a small piece risk one day to see myself in the kitchen with a mountain of empty boxes from desserts and fast food will be reduced to zero.

10. Forget about Instagram and Pinterest

10 useful tips how to control constant hunger

Huge pizza, spicy chicken wings, ice cream with chocolate, burgers and steaks… You’re afraid of flipping the ribbon Instagram and look at Pinterest, to resist food porn from famous chefs and popular bloggers there is no power. Scientists have long established that pictures of high-calorie food is stronger than irritate parts of the brain responsible for hunger, than image healthy, low-calorie products. No wonder so many of you after watching your tape run to the nearest restaurant or gastropub to try something you saw and please your stomach.

Not be hypocrites: we all love to look at beautiful food. And no one to abandon Instagram will not. But the beautiful can be not only “bad” dishes? Swipe rotation — subscribe to advocates for healthy food. Maybe then you’ll not only enjoy, but want to make something useful for yourself.