What contraindicated do a good husband?

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The husband should not say that his wife is unworthy of a woman ugly, there are women more beautiful than. For example, they watch. The husband should not say: “Look, what a pretty little actress.”

These words are enough to inflict the wound to his wife. He should not praise other women in her presence, and for the eyes too, because on a subtle level will still be a blow. He just should not assume that there is someone better than his wife.

If such thoughts come to his mind, he should be guided by this principle: “If I deliberately, with full confidence and conviction chose this man as your companion, and now consciously believe that there is someone better, then I’m an idiot. It is nothing to do with it”. And it will be absolutely logical. Who agrees like an idiot count? It is not serious.

What contraindicated do a good husband?

Actually, the people chose a life partner, sincerely believing that it is the best, right? Otherwise what is the point then to get in? Since you believed that she is the best, why then change his mind? If you constantly change your opinion, then what is your rationality?

Similarly, should the woman. It should not tell their children that dad is not right. She not only lost dad, but also their children too. If a woman says to your children that dad is not right, listen to me – this means that they will not listen to anyone. If the father says to his children: “your mother is not as good as other moms, there are mom’s better”, then the children might obey their parents, but will never love them, nor father, nor mother. That is the principle of love comes from women, and the principle of obedience comes from the men. If a man ignores the principle of love, which comes from women, children will be dry as the wood. They will not love their parents, although I can listen to them. If the wife is the principle of authoritarianism your husband ignores, children will be disobedient. You cannot change this principle.

What contraindicated do a good husband?

Following the principle of family relations. It should be borne in mind that when there was sexual intercourse, sexual contact, establish the strongest bond between a man and a woman. Woman having the same relationship with another person, becoming his wife on the subtle plane. This means that it will take from him a part of pious and sinful actions he performs, that is, to suffer for what he’s doing. Similarly, a man who had a relationship with another woman. Moreover, in the family the closest relationship is the intimacy. The relationship proximity is possible only when a man or woman after the wedding was not more involved with anybody. If this intimacy is broken at least once, the proximity is less than half, then she will be crushed even more. If a person has two women, exactly two times less closeness he has with his wife.