The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

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Olga Seredkina, cosmetologist and nutritionist of the center of beauty Crystal Line & Beauty:
— The main rule which should be observed before putting the product in your buying cart, is to read the label on its composition, no matter how small the font it was written. The shorter the list of ingredients and the less the shelf life, the product is healthier. This is especially true of all without exception of dairy products.

Important and the price of the product. Take, for example, cheese. Quality cheese can’t be cheap, because its production takes a lot of milk. If the price is too low, it is worth considering what is actually contained in the composition and what the producers have not written. The composition of any useful product mustn’t contain flavor enhancers, dyes and preservatives, it is better to choose foods without them. Of course, the manufacturer is easier to introduce them in the composition to increase the shelf life and improve taste of food. But if we care about your health and the health of children, products with these ingredients should be avoided.
The next ingredient that shouldn’t be in products — palm oil. In itself, like all unrefined oils, it is useful, unless subjected to technological processing. But in the preparation of confectionery and dairy products used refined palm oil, the debate about the harm of which is still underway. And even this oil is not so scary: there is a process the palm oil that is used for making soap and cosmetics. It is much cheaper, so some unscrupulous manufacturers add it to products. In the human body such fat never kicks in, so will be deposited on the walls of the intestine and blood vessels. Palm oil is found in many foods: pastries, spreads, Margarines, mayonnaise, and especially in mayonnaise sauces — I advise you not to buy these products at all.

We should also talk about smoked foods: they all, without exception, contain carcinogens, and well, if their production is real smoke. But it is rather the exception than the rule: most of the sausages and fish that lie on the shelves, it’s treated with “liquid smoke” products. We can only guess what is there chemical composition.

Remember: the less a product is processed, the more it is useful.

Dairy products

The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

Not all companies take a responsible approach to the manufacture of its products. So find high quality milk is difficult: vegetable fats, preservatives, flavor enhancers — everything is easy to find in most yoghurts, cottage cheese and kefir products. That is products. Not all buyers know that the cheese and cheese product are completely different things. Because manufacturers safely use this trick. The cheese must be made exclusively from whole milk (at least dry) and yeast, and kefir from kefir fungus. In color and cipher usually add palm oil, dyes, thickeners and flavor enhancers. That is, any benefit from these products, as I understand, should not wait. But buying real yogurt and cottage cheese, are looking for a small percentage of fat: the smaller the percentage, the more the product has been subjected to technological processing. Yogurt must have a minimum of 2.5% fat, cottage cheese — 5%, sour cream — 20%. About the quality of said milk and its shelf life: the smaller it is, the better. And, of course, the price: the higher it is, the better the product.

Many people mistakenly refer butter to harmful products — this is not the case. But again: it is important to read the label. High-quality butter should only consist of natural cream and have 82,5% fat. Spread and margarine products with TRANS fats, which were invented in times when people simply do not have enough food. Margarine, and sugar, — the product of civilization. Our body does not know what it is, and therefore does not understand how to use it. Consequently such products are deposited in the subcutaneous adipose tissue — hence the cellulite in women.

Quality dairy products are very important for the body: it nourishes it with beneficial bacteria, which make the digestive system.


The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

The world health organization States: “Eating at least 5 servings or 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day… helps to ensure adequate intakes of fiber”. The same who data report that many people are malnourished daily intake of vegetables and fruits. This means only one thing: their body isn’t getting enough fiber — dietary fiber, which normalize the whole body. In such a situation it is necessary to pay attention to bran — excellent source of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Add bran to smoothies, salads, omelettes and other dishes. But do not forget to drink plenty of water, otherwise you will get the opposite effect — constipation.

Vegetables, fruits and herbs

The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

Sources of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and valuable substances we about vegetables, fruits and herbs. Prefer seasonal products — they are the most useful, and in winter — frozen, but not canned. Canned fruits contain a lot of sugar, and vegetables — flavor enhancers and preservatives.

If you follow figure, eat fruits in the morning and try to remove the potatoes from the daily menu.


The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles
Find this tasty cheese is a big problem: one similar to the rubber, the other terribly greasy (indicating that the addition of vegetable fats), the third though is made not from milk. Let’s be honest: high-quality cheese can cost 400 rubles per kilogram. If you send a slice of this cheese on examination, are likely to find palm oil. What can you say about melted cheese. Turn over the package and you’ll see for yourself: shock absorbers, flavor enhancers, dyes, starch, preservatives and saturated fats. But despite all these difficulties, good cheese to eat. Once in a while. But about sausages is better to forget. Forever.

Cereals and pasta

The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles
While technological progress has not reached the grains, they can be safely put in the basket and not think about how they were produced. For health is especially useful Emmer and barley grits. The spelt contains magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, b vitamins and vitamin E. white milled rice and semolina it is better to refrain — use them a little.

For a change of diet you can eat pasta, such as whole wheat and buckwheat flour. So your body will be filled not only complex carbohydrates but also essential micronutrients and fiber.


The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles
This list is sweets: candy, cookies, waffles — everything that might you love so hard, is because most of the purchase of confectionery products consists of vegetable fat, sugar, unnatural additives and is therefore not absorbed by the body. We suggest to cook sweets at home, so I have to mention flour. White flour is an example of ’empty’ food which is absolutely useless. Russian production of white flour is that in the end from the valuable wheat is nothing valuable: the embryo and the shell removed. But now on the shelves beside white flour is buckwheat, corn, whole wheat, oats, flax, coconut — you can constantly try something new — which will enrich any fiber cakes.

Fish and seafood

The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

Seafood is unique in composition and surprisingly rich in trace elements and minerals products. For example, the red fish known for its large amounts of omega-3, significantly improves the health of skin and heart. Oysters are high in phosphorus, which promotes growth and recovery of the body, affecting fat and carbohydrate metabolism necessary for normal growth of bones and teeth. And shrimp contain a lot of iodine and antioxidants. But here you need to be selective: fish are usually grown either in the wild or under artificial conditions on farms where it is fed unnatural additives and even antibiotics. Not to be mistaken when selecting fish, it would be better to know the following: sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, herring and the like are not grown in a commercial way, so they can buy without hesitation.


The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

We repeatedly touched on the theme of salt, its benefits and harms. Together with nutritionists, we have come to the conclusion that salt is needed for the body: it regulates the water balance, provide cells with oxygen and nutrients, supports the immune system, etc. the Daily intake of salt is 6 grams (a teaspoon). A positive effect can be increased if you buy salt, enriched with vitamins and minerals, such as sea, iodized or Himalayan pink. The latter is especially useful: it contains about 90 minerals, but the taste is not as salty as regular salt, so keep track of the number of pinches.


The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

Of course, we are not talking about white bread made of white (read — useless) flour. Supporters of proper nutrition is to stay on the yeast-free (some nutritionists doubt the benefit of yeast for the organism) or whole wheat bread. Real whole wheat bread, which literally consists of some seeds and grains is a complex carbohydrate. Such carbohydrates, of course, we need to generate energy, so it is not necessary to deprive the body of such substances.

Poultry and meat

The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

Without the protein (both plant and animal) work in our body “stall”, so its value does not have to speak. A large amount of protein contained in poultry and meat. But how grown chicken, cow or pig, it seems, known to all: along with protein the body will get antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. In this case, there are two options: stop eating meat or to start their own farm. If this seems difficult or even unrealistic, nutritionists advise to pay attention to the Turkey and the lamb — they are the most safe for the body.

But do not forget about the sources of vegetable protein is nuts and beans.


The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

Natural honey — a great alternative to useless sugar. Honey contains huge amounts of vitamins and minerals. But because of the high calorie abuse it is still not worth it. And most importantly, remember: when in contact with hot tea or porridge honey is dissolved, and most of the valuable properties just evaporate.

But honey, as a sweetener you can use a natural sweetener — stevia and Jerusalem artichoke syrup or agave.


The consumer basket for healthy lifestyles

Recall: water is involved in all biochemical reactions necessary for the stable functioning of the kidneys, removes waste and toxins is necessary for normal digestion, regulates body temperature, etc. daily Drink at least 7-8 glasses of pure water (juices, teas, coffee do not count).