How to combine wine and food: 9 tips from the sommelier

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The right temperature, astringency and acidity of the drink, incongruous and ideal products which will help to make the right choice in the wine room for dinner.

1. Remember the proper temperature of the wine

There are three options for submission: champagne and other sparkling wines is “ice flow” (the drink should be no higher than 7°), for the refreshing and light white wine — “cold flow” (from 8 to 13° C) and finally, for noble red — “cool flow” (13-18°C).

2. Correctly matched to the food, the wine can save dinner

If the wine, even the good is not the only item in the menu, the most important becomes not the drink itself, and the pairing with any dish. The wrong lighting combination could wipe out all the advantages of both wine and food, while the right choice, on the contrary, emphasize them.

How to combine wine and food: 9 tips from the sommelier
3. Remember the three basic principles

The principles of compatibility, there are several wines: astringency, acidity, aroma and presence of sweet taste. The choice of dishes is worth paying attention to the intensity of the flavor and texture of the main component of meals, as well as the severity of bitter, sweet or sour taste.

4. Combine the tartness with a pronounced texture

The tartness of the wine and pronounced texture of the dish work well together — that is why beef can be safely fed tart red wine, while to the loin of a young calf more suited to drink with a moderate astringency.

How to combine wine and food: 9 tips from the sommelier
5. Note the intensity of the flavors

To combine food with wine you can also in the intensity of flavors (the stronger the flavor of the dish, the stronger must be the aroma of the wine) and fat meals (these meals should balance more acidic wine).

6. “Continue” tastes

There is also the principle of assimilation, when the taste of the wine and the flavors intensity continue to each other, creating an overall picture — such as foie Gras and a velvety sweet wine (Sauternes or Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise).

How to combine wine and food: 9 tips from the sommelier

7. Do not attempt to combine incongruous

It is worth remembering that there is a whole list of foods that are extremely difficult to combine with wine: for example, eggs, ginger, tomatoes and anchovies.

8. Serve the wine fruit

We should also talk about the combination of wine with fruit — this dessert can be a win-win option because natural wines and fresh fruits really complement each other. For example, all red wines, including young and fresh with a fruity tone (Beaujolais, Zinfandel, Bardolino), perfectly suited to the strawberry, and sweet buttery Sauternes complements the taste of ripe peaches.

How to combine wine and food: 9 tips from the sommelier
9. Use the wine to cook your favorite dishes

Any dessert with fruit will be tastier if you marinate them in a suitable wine, and then, for example, flamborough.