The code of a real man

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1. Choose girls on the level above you.

2. Don’t hit the person if he does not provide a threat to you.

3. Clothing is better than a good costume does not happen.

The code of a real man

4. Shave correctly. First, for hair growth, then against it.

5. When talking to someone, always look him in the eye.

6. Sports must be a part of your life.

The code of a real man

7. Call parents at least once a week.

8. Delay a small part of their salary.

9. Hand push firmly and confidently. When shaking hands, stand up.

The code of a real man

10. About the size of a person is judged by the size of his problems.

11. Man to aim at the person, only if he intends to shoot.

12. 12. Listen more than speak.

13. Going, look forward.

The code of a real man

14. A man should be able to stand not only for themselves but also for everyone who needs it.

15. Earn the thing that brings you pleasure.

16. Respect people regardless of their social status.

17. Constantly develop and learn something new.

18. The man never complains. The man solves problems.

19. Try always and everywhere to be the best.

20. Never change yourself for someone else.

The code of a real man