Chichvarkin will tell you how “fat” driven by progress

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“Comfort and convenience is the highest moral values of humanity, along with the pleasure and the right of man to his body and the results of their work, says Chichvarkin. — Today, the humanity has two vectors of development: technological and vector of comfort, or “fat”. The whole world is screaming about the technologies: artificial intelligence, alternative energy, mobile robotics complexes. And we look at it from the other side. Most inventions and technologies are still not adapted to modern man.

The desire to make life convenient, this is the strongest stimulant of progress in the coming decades. Industry and comfort are buried in the trillions of dollars. Progress has generated unprecedented resistance to innovations and unprecedented momentum – from simple self-deception to non-human traditions. We are not ready. “Luxurious” does not mean “convenient.” The true value of technology lies in service to man, in providing comfort. Automatic gun invented in 1718, and shoes on different feet to 82 years later. We are worse than animals. It’s time to get off the palm. In the early twentieth century we thought about the war. In the second half – the cosmos. In the XXI century it is time to think seriously about the person.”