The character of the women by month of birth

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And what is your character?

The character of the women by month of birth


It is the birth month of the most patient and Mature women. At the same time, such women can have men’s, stoic character. They will not complain or share the revelations, preferring proudly and independently deal with problems. The January women talented in the culinary arts, but I do not like to do cleaning.


This is the month of birth persistent and stubborn woman with a complex character. They have nervous breakdowns, but at the same time is quite high self-control. They are not afraid of difficulties and quickly make decisions that are not always correct. There are touchy and vindictive. Well manipulated by people, and because they manage career. I love children.


Month of birth the most sensitive women. They are very impressionable and vulnerable, therefore, often exhibit stubborn, which in the end turns to their detriment. Very health-conscious and consider yourself to be miserable. These women really difficult to achieve success because of their shyness. Nature has endowed these women with a fragility and charm, so they attract men-defenders.


The nature of women in this birth month is characterized by such traits as courage, perseverance and dedication. The ideal complement is the sanity and practicality. These people always know what they want, so slowly but surely reach the desired, but absolutely can not stand instability.
Emotions and feelings are always behind the mind.

The character of the women by month of birth


Imperious and demanding, uncompromising and determined woman. Offense can not forgive, so can easily divorce her husband, although then you’ll regret it. This stubborn woman with leadership qualities, so it is easier to take the office of the chief than to find a husband. In priority to material wealth.


The main feature women born in the first month of summer – caution. Often these people are very vulnerable and insecure, but it is so good that will never retaliate. Do not like conflict, have good intuition, which helps these to avoid conflicts. Commit acts under the influence of mood.


This month born the most humble and shy woman. They often experience and are constantly engaged in introspection. The rest of their life determines the mood. Modest and romantic, know how to deeply feel and experience, but never show it. Home and family for women – July- the main thing in life.


The proud and independent women are born this month. They are also good and noble, but ambitious by nature leaders. Love to be the center of attention, but independent. Have a great charisma, and, despite the fact that constantly attract men who appreciate family relationships. Very honest and decent, so are often deceived.

The character of the women by month of birth


Passionate and emotional women this month are commitment and prudence. Extremely selfish and stingy, so it’s hard to part with the debt. Love being in companies, but always remember one’s own benefit. Very jealous, independent, large, clean, meticulous, and know how to cook very tasty dishes.


Easy to communicate, very responsible, witty in women communication. Practical but selfless and generous friends. Decisions are made only after careful deliberation. Have a good memory. These women are very principled and do not forgive betrayal, even though I always try to keep the family together, which are the leaders. It is very economical.


Very calculating, selfish and self-centered women. Their spouses will have to accept the fact that their opinion is rarely taken into account. Thrifty and frugal. Very passionate love, passionate
and temperamental. Know how to love deeply and strongly. Additional traits are determined by birth date.


Emotional woman with an explosive temper. Persistent and fearless, independent and direct, they will achieve success, overcoming any obstacles. Very communicative, romantic, idealistic, good friends. Not differ in the parsimony and short-tempered, so family life often have difficulty.

The character of the women by month of birth