She changed the inscription on the plate the blind, and It changed his life!

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Do You have any idea how one word can change the attitude of others about You? One thought can transform the attitude towards you dramatically, like on this video. People indifferently passed by a blind man, asking for help, but their perception completely changed after there was an inscription on the plate helpless. A passing girl wrote on her key phrase, which could not fail to touch the hearts of people passing by.

Just one phrase, full of meaning and sadness caused real compassion of passersby, who started giving money to the blind man. They probably put themselves in his place and took his grief. We often do not notice the problems of others when they need our help, we are indifferent yet feel myself the pain of others. Perhaps we need to be more attentive to the problems of others and see the world a little differently. This video is about how a sincere word spoken from the heart encourages us to be more responsive to the people.