Career and money in 2017

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What monies will bring the Fire Cock in her mouth and what personnel changes will happen at the stroke of his wing?


The financial situation of serious concern to you, but in the 2017th situation will finally improve. You will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. If the last few years you worked mainly with love Affairs and family, it was the turn of work. To happened in your career progress, you need to put aside the past and focus on the present. With the arrival of spring in front of you opens several promising options to avoid confusion, do not act up and do not rush.


The efforts of past years will bring worthy results. And although the Bull have a good sweat to achieve their goals, the Grand result is worth it. You will feel so confident at work, which inadvertently will cause painful injections of envy even those people who before this triumphant moment was sincerely happy for your success. On the background of career take-off don’t forget about the family. You will have the opportunity to heal open wounds and solve the problems that arose last year. Be careful with spending, especially in August.

Career and money in 2017


If you have been waiting for progress in your career, learn how to work in a team — although you prefer the position of leader will have to share their powers. And if you seriously are thinking about changing activities (Tigers do not tolerate monotony), closer to the summer it’ll come any moment. Anyway, any changes in a pleasant way will affect your income.


How many times in life do you say — first think, then do. But impulsive Rabbit always acts on its own. In 2017 will have to learn to control yourself. Restraint in their actions and statements will help to get closer to the cherished goals and financial independence. Thanks to the patience you will get a new positive experience and the expected economic stability.

Career and money in 2017


Luck and stress are two words that will make your year. You will get reliable ally in the first months of the year, the partner will become a fundamental element of success. You have healthy ambitions, and this will allow you to rise through the ranks. Dreams will be realized gradually — be patient and get what you want, but closer to the end of the year. With regard to stress this aspect must be tightly controlled. Try to expand the number of sources of income. Don’t sit at home and travel.


You will finally be able to do what you really like. Be attentive to the opportunities that open before you, and do not waste time, until a jealous colleague took them from under you nose. From the point of view of the economy — will be able to afford a spontaneous expenditures and maybe even some quirks that will make you happier.

Career and money in 2017


Fire is a key element of the year of the Rooster — will give the Horse power required to solve the many dilemmas that will arise in the course of twelve months. Don’t worry, serious challenges you will face. This is a year of reflection, not action. Overall atmosphere of tranquility will affect the work in the sphere of your professional interests is coming some “turbulence”, but this shake is not affected, but many colleagues may be fired. However, you will not be long to grieve about — the vacated positions contribute to future career growth. Take a pencil costs in 2017 should be economical. Remember that many planned purchases you can find a more affordable alternative, you only spend a little more time searching for a suitable option.


Negative energy 2016 will pursue the Goat and the beginning of the year — lay low and don’t jump to conclusions, it will soon disappear. The year of the Rooster is favorable for completing old projects that you have already bored order. At work you can suffer from the spontaneous reorganization of the company — stay strong, prove its significance and will not be affected. Problems and all the stress can cause ill health. Be selfish and love yourself.

Career and money in 2017


To achieve goals, you must work hard and show dedication. You must be a responsible person, and to perform all the tasks to gain the trust of the boss. Fire Rooster promises a serious professional progress in the summer. Aren’t these changes you’ve been waiting for, though feared? The last three months of the year will be very busy — enlist the support of colleagues. The money in 2017 will significantly increase, but not because of a solid paycheck, and thanks to the financial support of a loved a wealthy man.


The chance which comes once in 12 years, should not be missed. This is your year — make a wish almost every day and don’t be afraid to ask destiny a lot more than initially expected. Strive for the max! In the professional sphere there will be many problems, and although they all resolved to the benefit you extract from them a lesson for the future. The work is not forget that you are not alone and learn to trust those working beside you. The key to success is to become more patient. This is a good year for investment.

Career and money in 2017


Last time against the money you have been are very pessimistic, and unfortunately, a disappointing predictions come true. To get out of this economic hole, you need a good companion — you need him as never before. Avoid unnecessary conflicts and gossip, we should not spend their energies squabbling workers could have negative consequences.


This is a great year to learn something new, including their own mistakes, from which you should draw a proper lesson. Try not to be distracted from their duties and (important!) forget about interoffice romance — he may have unpleasant consequences both for work and for personal life.