How to care for your skin in autumn

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We have put together some useful “autumn” recommendations for skin care.

Autumn has come, but that’s no reason to MOPE. Now you can wear your favorite jackets and denim overalls, drinking fragrant gingerbread lattes and come up with a Halloween costume.

By the way, and with make up now no need to bother too much: the heat has receded, and concealer will not foully smeared, and mascara doesn’t leave under eye dark spots as pandas.

However, the change of seasons brings its own nuances in skin care. On the street it gets cool, it begins to work the heating, and the skin responds to these changes by peeling and rash.

We have put together some useful “autumn” recommendations for skin care. Some of them we learned from a well-known esthetician Joanna Vargas, also known as “an expert on the perfect complexion”. Joanna trust their faces Charlize Theron, Dakota Johnson, and Naomi watts. And now I want to share these tips with you.

Use serum

Summer face cream can dust on a shelf in the bathroom, but with the advent of autumn, the skin needs more moisture, especially dehydrated.

If your skin is prone to dryness, apply a face serum followed by your favorite night cream and go to sleep. In the morning your radiant look will be the best reward for caring.

In addition, in autumn the skin is especially lacking in vitamins and nutrients, so choose the creams and serums with vitamin E, which gives it glow and save you from having to use military.

Do a facial before the shower

Have you ever had that after a shower your face was peeling and was covered with red spots? This is a real problem for those who like to take a shower (and in the fall and still warm) to work.

There is a solution. Apply on face soothing mask before going in the shower. It will moisturize and prepare the skin to hot and hard water. Now you can safely recharge and not think about how to disguise the red leopard in the face.

Soothing masks have many cosmetic brands, for example, Skinfood, TonyMoly and Sephora.

How to care for your skin in autumn

Choose a thick cream…

Best skin recovers at night while you sleep, so a serious approach to the choice of a night cream. Autumn is to choose funds with a more dense texture, but this does not mean that the cream your face must Shine like a pancake.

The ideal cream can be applied quickly, instantly hydrates and removes flaking and absorbed, leaving no sticky residue and the Shine.

…and a mild detergent

Nothing disturbs the skin in the fall, as aggressive cleaning agents. No hardcore – only gentle and soothing options.

It is important that the tool is well cleanses the skin, but not dried, so miniatures and samples to help you. Ask the consultants in the beauty corner samples of various tools and try them at home, observing how the skin reacts to them. Generally this practice is good for any cosmetics.

Give up coffee

I can’t bring myself to write this, but still need to drink less coffee. This drink is not the best friend of our skin. Joanna Vargas recommends that you drink coffee only in the morning, if you do not imagine your day without a Cup of espresso or cappuccino.

After lunch replace the coffee on the freshes of the products green: celery, spinach, apples. And add nuts and seeds are a source of good for the skin fatty acids.

How to care for your skin in autumn

Try face oil

You can buy special oil for the face, and you can use your favorite oil, which is stored in the kitchen – such as olive, almond or even rosehip oil (they can be mixed among themselves).

Many useful and nice features keeps the avocado oil: it quickly moisturizes and soothes problem skin, but also positively affects the lymphatic system.

And here at Joanna Vargas’s main pet was the oil of neroli (it is extracted from the flowers of bitter orange). Neroli oil moisturizes the skin, regulates allocation of sebaceous glands for oily skin, cleanses the pores and prevents the appearance of spider veins.

Apply oil to face and body immediately after shower on damp skin. Or gently rub a little oil on top of your moisturizer.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Although the autumn sun was hot, not so much like summer, don’t forget about skin protection from ultraviolet radiation. If you do not use Foundation, get an easy sun-protection cream or emulsion with an SPF of at least 15. Sunscreen will protect you from premature wrinkles, dryness and age spots (then they are very hard to remove).

Fortunately, now almost all tonal means there is a SPF (just in case, examine the bottle to your pet) so that you do not have to apply sunscreen under it.

But don’t forget to walk in the sun: your skin in the fall do not have enough vitamin D, which can be obtained from sunlight.

How to care for your skin in autumn

Prefer natural cosmetics

Always read the ingredient on the jar of cream you want to purchase, and give preference to those that include natural ingredients.

In general, according to Vargas, a good cream can’t is cheap: the higher price includes a certified part, laboratory of dermatological research, proper texture and the desired effect. Only natural ingredients can help your skin. But the advertising promises should not believe.

The “magic” recipe from Joanna Vargas

And finally, we want to share the secret mask from Joanna Vargas, which she always uses to soothe dry and troubled skin. This mask is in the time saved son Vargas from eczema. But let’s give the word cosmetologist:

About this mask is the best for skin can’t find – I found out when my little son started having eczema. From the moment we realized that we will share the recipe of the mask that saves dry and sensitive skin, from generation to generation.


Boil water in a large pot of water, adding a Cup of chamomile and a Cup of rosemary. Let it all boil for about 15 minutes. Then strain the decoction and take him a bath. You not only get a supply of cheerfulness for the day, but feel how different your skin. The next morning the peeling and redness will evaporate!

Check the magic recipe Joan?

How to care for your skin in autumn