What can tell the arms of men

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On the one hand, it would seem, what for to try to recognize the relation of man to himself, if he can speak for himself? So supposedly and so, dear love-I can’t and all that. And, of course, so it would be easier. Yes, and the best thing, perhaps. But, first, our words are sometimes very much at odds, and secondly, some men’s words will not wait. But as it turns out, there are things if not more eloquent, certainly not the least – arms. They, according to experts, can easily give the present attitude of the men to his companion. So let’s see how to recognize the true intentions of a man by his “snuggle”.

The man hugs back

There are two options: the first and most preferred explains this behavior very strong and deep feelings. Hugging back, as if subconsciously covers the rear of his beloved. That is, in this way he manifests his desire to become a defender against all the ills of life. But this option can be considered only in those cases when it is dominant, but not the only one. But if the other is not (that is, if a man embraces a rear only and nothing else), it already shows his indecision. This behavior is explained by different reasons: he may consider his chosen impregnable, or yourself unworthy of her attention and so on. So it is worth considering whether you are not very cold to him. Maybe you just can’t it to fully open and trust. And that will just have to work.

What can tell the arms of men

Hugging so tight as if he wants to become a part of it

This behavior is also interpreted in two ways: the most simple and obvious explanation of such arms is the strong passionate desire that you are calling the man. He really wants to physically merge with you into one single organism. But if he cuddles up to you not only the body but is committed to ensuring that you touch the minds, here we are talking about a much deeper and more intimate relationship than simple physical contact. So if this is your case, then take all the credit. But if you were serious plans, and he, hugging, cuddles, but nothing more, then their plans should be adjusted in the direction of pleasant, but not going further bed relations. So castles in the air build in this case is not worth it – your goals are markedly different.

What can tell the arms of men

During hugs pats on the back

And here is a very interesting situation. By the way, as in the previous cases with two explanations. According to one of them, stroking on the back says that the man perceives you as a very close person and would like not to stop there. That is waiting from the relationship a lot and are willing to exert effort on their part. But more interesting is the second explanation, according to which, when a man during the embrace pats you on the back, as if comforting, it turns out he needs comforting. Well, or support. It’s as you like. So if you don’t see obvious signs of anxiety and worry, just enjoy the moment. But at the same time and think you want to do to your relationship become even closer. But if you feel that his emotional state is something wrong, he will appreciate your desire to calm him down. But this should be done very gently, without fuss, and most importantly – without trying to extract from him the cause of his concern. Would like – he would say. And so it is possible to make only worse.

What can tell the arms of men

Flaps on the back

Yes, it also happens that the arms turn into pats on the back. If this person has serious plans, then you have something to think about, since he clearly feels only friendship, nothing more. That is, calling a spade a spade. Because women, to which a man nourishes sympathy, but not smitten with passion or deep feeling at once, rarely go to the category of beloved.

During a conversation holding a hand in his and/or her kisses

Yes, it’s not really about the hugs, but since we took the “crack” of the true intentions of the person, it was wrong to pass by this emotion. And although it is a bit archaic, obsolete, but nevertheless very clearly shows that the man you literally admiring and loyal with all my heart. One can hardly doubt that it you in the first place the object of admiration, and then everything else. His feelings for you are sincere and filled with tenderness. So if he is nice to you, then go for it – it is possible that it will be the most romantic and deep relationship in your life.

What can tell the arms of men

That’s all. As an afterword I would like to add that even though the above signs are well-researched and credible, however, it may be that they are not useful. For example, because the man will be, in principle, sparing the expression of feelings. Including on the arms. How can you recognize the intentions of the person if he believes the arms (not to mention the fact that to kiss the hands) unnecessary melting down? Yes in the same time-tested way – by his actions. Well, there, attention, care, and other manifestations that distinguish partial to the person to whom, as they say in such cases, only one should be.