Can you solve the crime on the only one evidence?

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A small workout for your mind and will not interfere even in the Christmas rush, when all the thoughts are the future of the festival. offers you to feel yourself in the role of a police inspector, thinking of the detective puzzle.

Can you solve the crime on the only one evidence?

Inspector Varnike was on duty in new year’s eve and the morning of January 1 went to the challenge. He called, and a moment later the door was opened by a sleepy-eyed landlord. The inspector introduced himself and said:

— I have to thoroughly inspect your apartment. Your neighbor claims that yesterday, new year’s eve, came to visit you. And while he along with your family singing songs under your Christmas tree, sparkling colorful lights, you broke into his apartment and stole some valuables.

To this the landlord replied:

— That’s not true! We do the whole family celebrated the New year with friends. We went to him again in the afternoon, I barely even had time to decorate the tree at home before you leave. We came back after midnight and went straight to bed. If you want, I’ll Wake my wife and son, and they will confirm my words…

— I think there is no need, ‘ interrupted Varnike. — For me, it is obvious that your neighbor is a liar!

How the inspector Varnike were able to quickly catch the neighbor on lies?

The answer:

In Christmas garland is not enough one of the bulbs, and without it, the decoration will not light up. The owner is really in a hurry putting up the Christmas tree before leaving, and checked for faulty lights. The neighbor didn’t know this and lied that sang songs under the glittering multi-colored lights tree. But the frayed cord work garland does not prevent.