Business techniques that should learn from movie stars

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How best to understand the lessons of business? Of course, watching your favorite movie or TV series!

The heroes can learn a lot, if you look closely, of course. For example, you think that Samantha Jones is a great Director, and Daenerys Targaryen – an example of a woman who did themselves and their own career? No? Then you came to the right place.

“Silicon valley” is a must watch for the entrepreneur

Business techniques that should learn from movie starsThis is a real “desktop” series for all entrepreneurs. There are start-up, and competitors, and investors. In short, whatever you need.

Lesson 1. Make an innovative product that stands out among the rest of the competitors and do the right audience. Without it anywhere.

Lesson 2. Make sure that your product is unique. Match fraught with unnecessary problems for which they do not want to be distracted by the start of the business.

Lesson 3. Gather a team. And most importantly find a Manager who will check and calculate everything, to every detail, so that no mistake is ever slipped past him.

“Game of thrones” – life hacks at every step

Business techniques that should learn from movie starsNote – to select specific advice from that show was very difficult, because every hero is just a fount of wisdom. But we tried.

Lesson 1. Do not expect that your success will be permanent. Luck may at any time turn away from you as it happened with most characters. Even at the height, do not cease to work, not to end up at the bottom.

Lesson 2. Don’t be too cocky. Remember how he governed his Kingdom, Joffrey Lannister, and what happened to him in the end? Keep that in mind when you shape your leadership style and once again did not listen to the advice of employees.

Lesson 3. Don’t forget to return your debts. About it not once said Tyrion Lannister. And he’s right.

“Sex in the city” – looking for hidden meaning

Business techniques that should learn from movie starsThese four girls can safely learn. Even the business.

Lesson 1. Pay no attention to the opinions of others. It says Samantha. This rule works everywhere. If someone doesn’t understand your idea, you should not give up and abandon their endeavors.

Lesson 2. Do not miss the opportunity. Thinking or dreaming about something, while on the way to your goal, do not forget to check with reality and to look around. Perhaps your chances are close, and you just don’t notice. This rake almost stepped Miranda and Charlotte, but stopped in time.

Lesson 3. Keep the friendship and your business partners. They will help in difficult times, to share customers and will become a beacon in the ocean of competition.

“The wolf of Wall street” – guide to the world of success

Business techniques that should learn from movie starsLeonardo DiCaprio is stunningly played the lead role in this film, and the experience of his hero, no matter what, I want to learn constantly.

Lesson 1. “No” is not the end of the game. If you are refused, do not cease to act. No matter, we are talking about a customer, competitor or partner. Stand your ground, sell, negotiate, look for common ground.

Lesson 2. Think like a millionaire. So did Jordan Belfort. Moreover, he was sure that will accomplish much. It’s not even questioned.

Lesson 3. Motivate the team and share her own view of success. If your employees will see your confidence that you are moving in the right direction, they will follow you.