She built this narrow house, in order to avenge her husband. Stepping inside, tourists scream with delight!

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The city Seattle which is in Washington state, known for the fact that here was the birthplace of the grunge style. Seattle opened the first coffee shop chain “Starbucks”, and the headquarters of this Corporation is also located here. But today we want to tell you about a small house, which the locals gave the name “Seattle house of anger”.

Even at its widest point the width of this house is less than 5 meters. While it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Locals tell the legend about its origin. At first, the house appeared after one neighbor said to another, what on this site to build a house impossible, and second I decided out of spite to build such a structure.

According to another version, the house appeared as a result of the divorce of husband and wife. The greedy man himself seized almost all their belongings, except for an oblong piece of land. He abused his ex-wife, stating that she will not be able to build a house in such a place. But in spite of her husband a woman built this home.

The current owner did not know the history of your house. And yet now this building is estimated at more than $ 500,000. Glue but Wallace is not going to sell it and is proud of its housing.