How to brew the perfect coffee: 3 main rules

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What could be easier than to come to a coffee shop and order your favorite coffee? sure that a good drink you can prepare yourself. It is enough to follow only three simple rules.

Rule № 1. Learn to discern and to choose grain

How to brew the perfect coffee: 3 main rules

Outset, when we talk about coffee, we mean drink only fresh food and not a powder diluted with boiling water. The two main species of coffee trees, which provide us with coffee beans — Arabica and Robusta. Among them distinguish the many varieties. Arabica, the best-selling coffee in the world, it has a sweet flavor and dense, due to the larger content of aromatic oils. Robusta, conversely, tastes tart and astringent, as the oils it contains less caffeine and twice. It is added to Robusta blend of coffee beans (blend) for greater strength. Also Robusta gives the coffee itself is foam so beloved by the Italians espresso. Usually the shelves are a blend that uses both Arabica and Robusta. You can find coffee from 100% Arabica, but it will cost more.

How to brew the perfect coffee: 3 main rules
There is another term that is increasingly heard in the fashionable coffee houses and can be found on the pages of glossy magazines. This “specialty” (from the English. special ) — the coffee beans, the highest quality product and the price is several times higher than the average. And this is no accident, because the price of coffee beans depends not only on the popularity of the brand under which the coffee is sold, and packaging, as many think, but also how, where and in what conditions it was grown coffee. Here the role played by many factors: altitude, humidity, climate, ecological region, collection method (sometimes manual and sometimes mechanical), method of washing and drying coffee beans, and further roasting of the grain and its transportation. The more thorough approach is given by the company for the production of coffee of these stages, the higher is the quality of the product and the higher the price.

To at home get the same delicious coffee as in the coffee shop, we recommend you to use “specialty”.

As a rule, all “specialty”-blends have certificates confirming their highest quality product, and the packaging of coffee you can find special designation of the region where it was collected grain, method of drying, washing, roasting. If the packaging with seeds is no such information, so this coffee may be of low quality — it will sour, to become bitter or to give burnt. Worldwide, only 10% selected Arabica can go for grains, worthy of high rank. And coffee shops usually pay special attention to coffee, which they buy, work with reliable companies.

How to brew the perfect coffee: 3 main rules

Rule № 2. Adjust the fineness of grind coffee depending on the drink

For all grains, operates a universal rule: within 5 minutes after the grinding of them begin to evaporate the essential oils and they lose up to 50% of its aroma. Therefore, it is best to grind them in a coffee grinder right before cooking and only one serving.
It is important not only how to grind the beans, and how to do it. Coffee bean though “die hard”, but the product is very capricious. Costs a bit to overheat it while grinding, your coffee will have a burnt taste. To monitor this process at home is easy, if your coffee machine is equipped with a ceramic Burr. They, unlike steel, does not overheat the grain.

Automatic coffee machines have inbuilt coffee grinders that also grind grain exclusively for a single serving. Usually experts identify five levels of grind from coarse to fine. The finer the grind, the slower the water passes through the particles and the more the drink is saturated with coffee oils. Taste is more tart. Conversely, when a large grinding the drink is more “watery” and can be sour. Fine grind is more suitable for espresso, and larger — for us. But here are possible nuances, such as individual preferences, so you should pay attention to the number of degrees of grinding, choosing the machine. Some of the modern gadgets can memorize the individual settings of coffee grinding multiple users, this means that all family members can get your favorite drink.

Rule № 3. Choose the correct milk

How to brew the perfect coffee: 3 main rules

Lovers of latte and cappuccino know to lush milk foam “in the shop” is not easy. Cold milk average fat content (about 3.5%) is whipped best, and skim the foam from the liquid and will be fragile. Use only natural milk (not restored from a powder). To steam the milk, you will need a milk cappuccinatore, manual or automatic.

How to brew the perfect coffee: 3 main rules

If the machine manual milk cappuccinatore, the milk will have to whisk yourself using Pinscher. Remember, the pitcher should be cold and dry, and a Cup of milk, on the contrary, warm. I wish to simply click and get a refreshing drink? Then you should get a coffee machine with automatic milk cappuccinatore, and removable milk container. The last do not forget to clean the refrigerator after each use — otherwise in the morning you can expect a sour cappuccino.