What if the boss constantly yells at you

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Office down with slavery! A few tips on how to deal with overly emotional head.

Everyone is faced with a situation where the authorities one day sympathetic and praises your initiative, and we constantly swears and perceives all in bayonets. Of course, we are all hostages of mood, but if this situation is repeated regularly, it is possible that your boss is suffering from the phenomenon known as moral licensing– the head feels entitled to yell at subordinates, if you previously did something good.

What if the boss constantly yells at you

Why they so often resort to moral licensing?

First, doing something good for the employees and leaving unnoticed flaws, your boss improves your karma. But then when he think you saved up enough “positive karma”, the boss feels the right to apply the whip to chastise subordinates and screaming at them.

Despite the fact that the chief himself is aware of that doing unprofessional accumulated “positive karma” gives him the moral right to behave inappropriately. He forgives himself aggressive attacks, referring to the previously done good deeds.

Second, encouraging employees, bosses raises their self-esteem and thinks something like “I’m a good head, did not notice the delay Petrov”. However, such composure for long enough, and sooner or later breaks down.

Proven by scientists

In the USA studies have been conducted within a few days the researchers observed the volunteers working in different professional fields, and the behavior of their superiors. The results showed that being patient and polite chief is not so easy. Leaders have to take responsibility not only for the result but for the process itself. Managers need to stay on the sidelines and focus on management processes, having overcome the desire to do everything yourself according to the principle “you want to do well – do it yourself”.

According to the study staff, who shouted, ridiculed and constantly pointed out their errors, felt mentally depressed and worked worse, and all the band members constantly clashed among themselves.

At the same time, leaders who behave politely and restrained emotion, been tired much more than their aggressive counterparts. Therefore, scientists have proposed to introduce a reward for ethical behaviour of superiors, and perhaps even cash.

What if you scream?

Unfortunately, the calculations of scientists is only theoretical, and we will long to encounter unprofessional and aggressive behavior at work. What to do in such cases?

1. If you’re really to blame, say something like: “Sorry, Yes my fault. Let’s think about how to fix the situation.” Why should you swear, if you felt guilty?

2. Bring the boss to life, calmly stating that he is not your father (mother) and yelling at you is. Many chiefs are accustomed to submissive subordinates, so that the unexpected rebuff can discourage and to move the conversation in a more calm tone.

3. Weep. Yes, it’s sneaky, but sometimes they are. Adults are not so often cry in the office management, so the boss with 99% probability will become confused and will search for you swipe.