The best story about how to respond to the whims of the child

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It so happens that a favorite pastime of children is pretty Pat nerves. For example, when you take them for a walk or to the supermarket. But in a situation when the child begins to act up and is uncontrollable, to stay so calm? publishes a little story of a grandfather who knows the secret of how to behave well, with very naughty children.

The best story about how to respond to the whims of the child

The woman was standing in line at the supermarket after grandfather naughty grandson. The boy’s hands were full of chocolates and other sweets. But he continued to scream and spin. “Calm down, Jack, there are very few… Good boy.” After some time the child began to act up, and grandpa said quietly, “All right, Jack. A few more minutes and we’ll go home. Hang in there, kid.”

At the checkout, the little demon took it into his head to throw away all items from the cart. Grandpa again said in a low voice: “Jack, Jack, relax, buddy, don’t worry. Another five minutes and we’ll be home. Calm down, please.”

The woman was very impressed. When she went outside, immediately came to the grandfather with his grandson, who sat in the car, and said,

— It is certainly not my business, but you were there just amazing! You remained reserved and talked quietly with the boy even after he’s so badly behaved! Jack, you are very lucky grandparents!

“Thank you,” replied grandpa. But Jack — it’s me. And that little bastard’s name is Nick.