Interested to know what awaits you in this 2017?

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Why the outgoing leap year was a hard one, and lucky for us next year?

Expiring 2016 is very rich in various dramatic events — both in the scale of world history and in the lives of ordinary people. Now, many are eagerly counting the days to the end, hoping that next year will be calmer, and more successful. Astrologers hope support:

Indeed, the year 2016, which takes place under the sign of the Fire Monkey, is not easy. Monkey – animal behavior which is difficult to predict. From fun and cute, she in one moment may become aggressive and selfish. Over-the-top emotions, mood swings and risky stunts — all we could see throughout the year. And most of us are tired of constant surprises, instability and impermanence in our lives.

A big part of the upcoming 2017 will be held under the sign of the Fire Rooster. What to expect from him?

Interested to know what awaits you in this 2017?

Rooster is an innovator and revolutionary In that year, the Cock will Fire, and this gives him the strongest manifestation of such qualities as responsibility, hard work, reliability and dedication. If you dream of peace and tranquility, then I must disappoint you – next year will be quite rough. But if we show initiative and leadership qualities, we will be able to quickly move up the social ladder. For the active and bold the time will come interesting projects, new opportunities.

2017 will bring a cheerful mood, lots of energy and positivity. It should be remembered that the Fire Rooster is to help and provide protection to people bold and purposeful, leader by nature. So next year you should not be lazy and stay in apathy. It should be safe to set incredible goals and moving forward no matter what.

All, without exception Fire Rooster will help everyone gain confidence in themselves. Be bright, optimistic and active, purposeful, and then you will have extra strength and energy for the realization.

Interested to know what awaits you in this 2017?


In the coming year to Finance must be taken seriously and not to overspend. You need to weigh your options. Risky deals with finances it is not recommended to do in the first half. This can lead to difficulties in the future. More peaceful and stable situation will come to fall. Then maybe the investment of capital and major purchases. Try not to borrow large sums of money. Success would facilitate the businessmen and people take decisive action.


For those who are building a career, will be successful. Especially in establishing business and personal relationships. You can learn a new profession and achieve heights in this field, there are benefits to change employment. All will benefit, the main thing – to believe in your own strength. What care should be taken, so it is in communication with colleagues. Do not trust them as if they are your friends.


Quite interesting and promising this year will be in terms of relationships. If you have previously worthy partners on the horizon was not observed, but this year you will meet. Listen to your heart, it will help you make the right choice.