Do you want to know the best age for business?

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1. To open your business in the age from 1 to 10 years

With the proper education when the child considers business game, and his parents understand that this game, he can acquire the skills that will be useful to him then for the rest of his life. The main thing to remember that the money the child should earn it honestly, but then such employment will be at least some sense.

Dutchman Ryan Ross became a millionaire in 8 years and the first money he earned in 3 years to organize on your own backyard chicken farm. But the capital brought him a simple idea that taking over mowing the lawn $ 20, $ 5, he can keep giving 15 the one who can mow the lawn. Now the young Ryan four companies, he is engaged in real estate investment, and its capital is constantly growing every day more and more.

2. To start your own business at the age of 10 to 20 years

At this age group the main advantage of buyers who are willing to give their pocket money for anything, and simply put – their classmates at school or Institute. It perfect for this age is the business of reselling something or making and selling inexpensive, but you need peers things. In addition, the last time there was a great opportunity to start making money on the Internet, which does not tolerate neither age, nor language, nor any other restrictions.

Kevin ham – the son of poor immigrants, while in College, was fascinated by the Internet, soon realizing what prospects does the resale of domains. Starting with 2-3 domain names, after a few years he left school. In 2000, only three months, he bought and resold 10,000 domains. Currently, its capital is estimated at $ 320 million, but the price owned domains nobody knows, because it is almost impossible to calculate, and it is possible, it is measured in billions.

Do you want to know the best age for business?

3. To start your own business at the age of 20 to 30

The advantage of this age that you feel and know all the most fashionable, modern and current market trends, and therefore be able to choose the thing that will bring in the near future a significant income. In addition, you can combine your business studies. No matter where you are studying – in College, house in the evenings, or during the ongoing wage work. The important thing is that every step you take will bring you closer to your goal of becoming a millionaire, because the more force you apply (power and energy the main advantage of this age), the more success you will achieve.

Not even going to give examples, and call only one name: bill gates as a Prime example of a man who to 30 years of age has managed to not just earn your first million, but also to become one of the richest people in the world.

4. To open your business in the age from 30 to 40 years

At this age people who first disappoint to “system” or “employer”, accumulate enough strength and determination to drop your habitual way of life and start over. However, they are not always slamming the door behind him in one moment, and, as a rule, carefully prepare your transition into the business world, choosing the idea, defining the strategy and taking into account all possible risks. But then they shoot like fireworks, to the surprise of those who didn’t know what price they were given such a decision.

Commitment x knowledge – the fear of the increasing experience = success in business.

Do you want to know the best age for business?

5. To open your business in the age from 40 to 50 years old

The statistics shows that 60% of the most successful people in the world started their business at this age, successfully combining enthusiasm and fearlessness have not yet left youth with experience, judgment, and knowledge steadily advancing maturity. Let many of them had a place in the list of hundred richest people in the world, the money each of them enough to feel comfortable a few generations of their families.

German March Kauff, leaving job in a Bank, became a private investor, starting first operations with the money of their friends and relatives who gave her a small amount just to give moral support to her. When the money began to double, and therefore be tripled, at the house of Martha Kauff began to line up the whole queue of those wishing to use its services. Currently it owns one of the most successful and fastest growing investment companies in Europe.

6. To start your own business at the age of 50 to 60

Many who have engaged in business in this age, forced to this circumstances, among which the most frequent is the loss of a job. First such incident is perceived by this tragedy, but soon, the man realizes that freedom, which for so long dreamed of and now can afford something new and exciting. The result, as a rule, becomes the moral and material success.

Alexander Sydorchuk, Professor from Ukraine, have lost their jobs due to the unexpected closure of the University in which he taught the last 20 years. Being practically without means of livelihood, he took the most precious thing he had – his knowledge, and soon, thanks to the investors discovered quickly developed a plant for the manufacture of articles made of basalt, becoming its permanent Director. A year and a half he earned his first million and managed to retain nearly 40% stake in the company he founded.

Do you want to know the best age for business?

7. To start your own business at the age of 60 to 70

Psychologists call this age the most blessed person sometimes – he has no special obligations to his family, he no longer has to walk every day to work, and he generally has sufficient amount of savings to start (even the small) but it. And besides, at this age everyone has a chance to realize a dream, the realization of which he could not afford before. Because you can be sure if the person this age will business it will be the most original, most unusual, but successful and profitable business.

Anna Sanocka from poznań (Poland) for the first time took the paint only after he retired. She was 64 years old, at least to draw, she dreamed of all my life. Never learned the artist just a few weeks drew more than 30 paintings, which, to the great surprise of her relatives, was almost immediately sold for a total amount of us $ 150,000. At the moment, cloths 72-year-old artist are much more expensive, although it works with the same enthusiasm and speed as in the first days of the incarnation of his long-standing dream.

8. To open a business at the age of 70 to 80 years

And this venerable age is perfect for establishing your business. People of this age are so wise that did not make the errors common to all the rest. In addition, well-studied human nature, they know what they want to buy or get people to become happy. This is what makes any endeavor almost 100% successful.

American John Ranton to 69 years having worked as a truck driver, went on a holiday. After spending nearly 7 years in idleness bored him, and collected such as he, retirees, and organized the firm of “grandparents on call”, whose clients were the children of people who have not had their grandfathers and grandmothers. The business was so successful that within 3 years the firm has established branches in 12 States, and the John Ranton became a millionaire.

Do you want to know the best age for business?