Beard. Masculinity. Coolness. 7 reasons to grow a beard

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Beard. Masculinity. Coolness.
Yesterday you were an ordinary boy, and today you’re the mystery man.

Why the beard is so popular? Why, when you go outside, you see that every first little bit of a tough guy wears a beard? What is the magic of these big (and not so) bearded men?

First and most importantly: the beard makes you a Man. Harsh, brutal, masculine. It’s all about you, because you have a beard! It adds to your severity, and you age. And yet — confidence. Females love confident and courageous, so why are you still not wear a long beard? Are you?


Beard. Masculinity. Coolness. 7 reasons to grow a beard

Moreover, the consequences of the abrupt change of image may pleasantly surprise you. Thanks to the many movies and celebrities to start wearing a beard — a win-win. And in extreme cases, you can at any time to shave it.

If you dare.

Of course, not everyone can afford to wear a long beard. So what? It got a little scruff. Or just a short beard. You’ll look casually cool. Trust me.

The beard has always been a sign of kings. Want your pride? Wear a beard.

The beard makes guys attractive. Anyway, according to most girls.

Isn’t it a reason to start to become a king today?

But remember, the guy. The beard is always good, but for everyone. Maybe you will not go short and will go long, or Vice versa. There are dozens of types of beards, and I’ll tell you. The main thing — to choose their own style and then you’ll remember. Trust me.

Growing a beard is not only fashionable, but also… useful!

1. A beard prevents skin cancer

Beard, like armor, protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. According to this study, the growth of the beard blocks up to 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the risk of skin cancer.

2. The beard protects you from allergies and diseases

Many people use water filters to purify it from various impurities. We can say that the beard acts as a filter of the same: it does not let bacteria and allergens that could get into the lungs and other organs and cause bouts of Allergy, asthma and unwanted illness and infections. Don’t believe? Remember the school lessons in this way are hairs in the nose.

3. The beard keeps you young

Paradox: beard men look much older, but she’s actually their younger. Again, it’s all in the sun. Beard does not allow the rays to directly “touch” the face that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and maintain good skin condition.

Beard. Masculinity. Coolness. 7 reasons to grow a beard

4. Beard eliminates skin infections

Having grown a beard, you can forget about acne, ingrown hair, folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicle) and other troubles. All of the above is the result of constant use of the razor. After shaving the skin are little wounds which may not be visible to the eye, and get the bacteria and infection. In addition, according to Terry J. Dubrow, MD and Director of The Acne Clinic in California, shaving can not only cause the emergence of new pimples, but can worsen the condition of existing ones.


5. Beard retains natural moisture

Shaving dry the skin. Getting rid of the beard, men risk their directly to push the sensitive skin of the face from weather conditions such as hot sun or cold wind. All this, of course, affects the skin. Beard also protects it, and helps it to retain moisture and sebaceous glands secretion, thereby leaving moisturized.

Beard. Masculinity. Coolness. 7 reasons to grow a beard

6. The beard warms

Owners of beards confidently confirm this fact. The hair on the face and neck do tend to protect from the cold, to retain heat and release it outside. Of course, this is not a reason to abandon the scarf, such a dual effect is certainly to save you from the winter cold. The longer the beard, the better!

7. The beard is passionate

The item is not relevant to health, but it’s worth sharing! With the right beard man seems a much braver and braver. So I think not only girls, but also boys. According to a study conducted in new York, 53% of the interviewed men believe that with the beard they feel much more attractive and passionate. However, 55% of men who took part in the survey, constantly get compliments about my beautiful beard. Still think you should grow a beard or not?

Beard. Masculinity. Coolness. 7 reasons to grow a beard