Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it’s time to forget

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Socks to match the pants, the belt in the color of the shoes, the ban on trousers and other fashion conventions, which time to forget. will tell you about what has changed in the demands of society to the male wardrobe.

Style rules arise not just. They need to guide the younger generation, guided by standards that worked well in the past. Basically, the presence of such rules guarantees that young people at least try to look better. Many rules are rooted in the business dress code and was formed in the early or mid-twentieth century. Then it all started with trying to teach young entrepreneurs how to dress so as not to put themselves and others in a stupid position. But social priorities change and accordingly changes and style. After all, much of what was true in those days, now obsolete as the business dress code of the past century was much more conservative than the current one.

Here are seven rules of menswear, which operated for a long time, but today has lost all meaning.

Rule # 1. White can be worn only from may to September

Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it's time to forget

This rule originated in the XIX century. Descendants of the wealthy dynasties, despised the newly rich immigrants “of the people”, and those aspired to high society. The owners of hereditary conditions deliberately invent rules, which allowed “the eye” to distinguish them from the Nouveau riche. One such rule was to ensure that the expensive brand outerwear white, the presence of which was considered a sign of prosperity, it is permissible to wear only in the summer.

Rule # 2. Pick up the belt in the color of the shoes

Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it's time to forget

This is only important for a formal suit, which is worn on ceremonial events. In any other setting, selection of belt and shoes the same color — something totally unnecessary. For leather accessories of the same color usually means same skin type, and for items with such different functions it’s just not practical. In General, these days the selection of belt and shoes the same color means that you’re trying too hard, and it’s not always a good sign for others. In addition, at the current pace of life the most do not pay attention to such details.

Rule # 3. Always wear socks with pants

Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it's time to forget

The need of socks are greatly exaggerated. Summer shoes worn without socks, have long become part of everyday male life. News is that even in the spring and early fall, socks are optional. You will see men’s ensembles not involving a sock, in the spring issues of all fashion magazines. Socks are required only if we are talking about a suit for important events. In all other cases, just make sure that you do not go barefoot.

Rule # 4. Always wear a belt if your pants have loops

Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it's time to forget

In men’s wear functionality has always been paramount. Details — even those that today seem utterly useless, when it served the convenience of the owner of the suit or talked about belonging to a particular profession or social group. Classic men’s suit a lot of vestiges of the once served a very specific purpose — the epaulets on the coat pocket for the little things… Now to this list we can add and loops for belt. So in 2016, the presence or absence of belt is a matter of personal choice, provided of course that your pants hold out without him.

Rule # 5. Socks need to choose the color for pants

Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it's time to forget

A few decades ago it was believed that black socks should only be worn with black pants, grey with only grey. Now many do not even know about the existence of this conservative rules. The idea, by the way, originally was the fact that when the socks and pants of the same color, the person appears visually higher. But, first, it doesn’t always work, and secondly, people are just tired of the endless selection of colors. And the average increase over the last couple of centuries is clearly increased.

Rule # 6. Never wear pants with arrows

Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it's time to forget

Don’t let this detail to unsettle you. Yes, in the last decade of the trousers was clearly not honored, but once they were considered classics. Retro trend is on the rise, so that the arrows return. There are, of course, one problem: ironed trousers, very easy to make a wrong fold. Therefore, double arrows, it is better not to bother — take a single with them easier.

Rule # 7. Never wear brown or black with blue

Down with bans. Rules of menswear, which it's time to forget

A ban on certain combinations appeared in men’s fashion decades ago. It was connected with certain rules of the Navy, which long ago no one remembers. Believe me, others absolutely do not care if you wear blue with black or not.