As successful people conduct a weekend

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1. First step to productive weekends – it is needed to do a choice consciously

It so easily lie down on the and switch on television in the evening on Friday or in the morning on Saturday. But such practice will take away those not many free clock, that for you present. Instead of that to do something on an automat, consciously decide, how to spend time. If you it do not do, time will leave on something less intelligent, and some time then you will feel sorry that did not prefer something another.

2. Make for itself tasks. For example, to read a book

The former governor of Arkansas Mike Hakaby it is said that it is needed to have a plan on a weekend, to distinguish a concrete clock and minutes on what you want to engage. And it is needed to fulfil the plan. Is not it needed to abandon everything on then and feverishly to sort out, what to engage – to honour? Or to listen music? In the total you will expend the o’clock of the precious time in that, to decide, what to fill his pitiful bits and pieces.

3. Planning does you happier

The Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert proves that the greatest achievement of human brain is his ability to imagine objects and situations, not existing in reality. Gilbert talks about anticipation, that in a great deal provides to us happiness due to reflections about that we plan. When you wait something pleasant, you test the same gladness partly, what in moment when the this pleasant will happen. In the total gladness can sprawl on much more time.

4. Plan 3-5 key events on every weekend, but do not paint every hour

Most people oppositely to think of that, to plan weekends. But if you bring in the calendar on a weekend 3-5 important events or measures, it does not mean that it is needed to plan
everything to minute. Three employments for three hours – it only 9 hours from a 36 o’clock of rest.

5. Make a list that you dream some time to do. In him certainly there will be something, what it is possible to take up in any day

When weekends begins, in your consciousness ideas flash about so much pleasant businesses, that you harden before a choice and in the total does not do nothing practically. That is why it is important to have a very good list. Vanderkam advises to make a list 100 businesses and employments about that you dream. Conduct cerebral assault and write down everything, what you some time wanted to engage in the life. Something will not turn out right now, but in this hundred certainly will be and something simple, like a picnic in a park with friends.

6. Making a plan, do not forget about that, whatever you did already a long ago

Dig deeper. Even if the question is about something, what you did not engage in from little up, it fully can become part of your ordinary weekend. One of readers of Vanderkam was written down to lessons of piano in the morning on Saturday. Choose something, that for you is very important, and will convert it into regular employment.

7. A morning of weekend is the best time to do something for itself

In the morning on Saturday or on Sunday it so easily to welter in a bed. No, will distinguish this time for the achievement of your personal aims. If you prepare to the marathon, for your family much more productive, if you will arrange the four o’clock run from a morning, what in the district of dinner. To get up before, apparently, will be to lie down in the evening a bit earlier – but on the whole it is very useful approach.

8. Think of new little habits and domestic traditions

In happy families there are some special employments on a weekend that all family members love and that is not necessary to be planned beforehand. It can be whatever – to bake pancakes, missed by the Sunday evening. But whatever you chose, will convert it into a ritual. Soon he will become tradition, and traditions become sedative remembrances that is well-proven – do us happier.

9. Distinguish a clock for disconnecting – and will turn off a telephone

Otherwise you will be never able to run down. It can be time for a dream – with to the hour to three on Saturday and Sunday. It as a siesta is in Spain: it is not necessarily needed to sleep, it is possible to watch movie or honour a book. But this time is intended for weakening. In family of one of readers of Вандеркам at this time all turn off telephones, the married couples push a door to in the room read.

10. Plan something on the evening of Sunday, not to sit and become taut concerning work

It is a correct method to be distracted from ideas about Monday. Stress can arise up concerning work, even if you love her. And at those, whoever the work does not love, the Sunday evenings become dull and tiresome. To win over this problem, it is needed to plan something exactly on these clock. It prolongs уикенд and induces you to be concentrated on forthcoming merriment, but not on the morning of Monday. It is possible, for example, in the evening on Sunday to walk and engage in yoga.

11. In a weekend take shallow businesses and routine to the minimum

There always are some businesses, but it is very important in a weekend to engage in them a little less. Domestic businesses must not be main part of your уикенда, because they frequently begin to devour all spare time. Better try to do some their part in week-days. If it is impossible, then take for them a certain clock in a weekend. For example, will distinguish to the half a hour in the evening Fridays between a supper and viewing of the cinema, to push in linen in a washing-machine, or 20 minutes between the lessons of music and bicycle walk by the Saturday morning on that, to collect and throw out garbage. If to take the short periods of time for this purpose, you will manage with domestic little things quicker.

12. Even on a few hours fully become disconnected from ideas about work

And the best of all will distinguish whole day, when you do not read mail and does not think on professional themes. It all is difficult today, but this is important to do. It is possible on a day to disconnect advising about new letters on the telephone, that temptation was not even to glance in a mailbox.

13. If you will live so long 80 to, then you will have 4160 weekends in general complication. Let none of them disappear

Four thousand weekends – not too much. Very often we so get tired, that we do not do nothing (or nothing intelligent) in general. But getting in this trap, we deprive itself the best in life. People very often do not think of what they wanted, and conduct a limit life, executing only shallow businesses from the everyday list. Successful people know that life – it not only future. She can not always wait a that day, when you will be not such tired or busy. So that begin straight in these weekend and do anything.