Art therapy: what is it and does it help stress?

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Recently noticed that many people are hooked on the app with anti-stress coloring for smartphones or are buying these coloring books in bookstores.

Art therapy — art therapy, rather you either paint themselves their problems and the psychologist analyzes, or use coloring books and just choose your own palette. To each his own, but as you know, the psychologist is usually no hurry, “and what am I, crazy or something.”

Let’s take a look at this thread and find out if this therapy from stress.

1. The fascination with hypnotic patterns

Yes, this is something there, however, not when painting, and when drawing patterns from scratch. Completely disconnected from the outside world with mobile apps and are addicted to the invention of the squiggles. But there are ready-made coloring books, for those who have no time for the invention of patterns and the ability to disconnect from everything. Here’s how they look. Mesmerizing? It now remains to paint! There are many sites where you can download and print ready drawings for coloring. If stress at work, why not do it during the break.

Art therapy: what is it and does it help stress?

2. Mandala

Of course, it is possible to draw a mandala, but it is easier to copy. If you paint a mandala, you may be caught off guard the harmony and +100 karma.

Art therapy: what is it and does it help stress?
3. Therapy cat

Dear friends, drop the cat and coloring drawn seals. Not sure how your pet will react to the obscenity. How to write people dealing with long art therapy: “painting cats is having a great impact on the spiritual condition, improves mood, relieves stress”. Probably, the way it is, but nothing can replace a real cat. Unless it is a choir of cats!

Art therapy: what is it and does it help stress?
4. Mobile app

Something like Colorfy, though of course, they may have captured the world of mobile applications.

Art therapy: what is it and does it help stress?
This may seem silly, but in fact you need not do anything. Just pick a sketch and fill it with paints. Everything is simple, only has limitations — some coloring free, and any paid, to be or not to be, you will not understand until you suck for an hour or two.

Or create in the style of van Gogh, or rather paint.
Art therapy: what is it and does it help stress?
Here are the crazy pictures are in the app, but it is possible to create not only with your smartphone. Once you print your black and white sketch and fill it with favorite colors, it will glow no worse images in the app. Anyway the choice is yours!

Relax and harmony is achieved by self-invention of drawing, even if sometimes you have to just guess what it is drawn. Art therapy — no nonsense but not a cure. Art therapy is more of a harmony and your development. Maybe this will help you in the here and now to understand all of the randomness of life.