All the details about iPhone 7

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The novelty has new awesome features which LikeStory will tell You.

The design of the case

New iPhone 7 has got two styles, the first style is made in the form of gloss, the other matte. Now the iPhone runs in five different colors: traditionally ordinary, Golden, pink, and two  new black  colors in gloss and matte glitter. The new color looks very expensive and solid. The hull was borrowed from the iPhone 6.

But there is one very good difference. The iPhone 7 is the first waterproof iPhone. Apple States the new device can be up to 30 minutes at a depth up to 10 meters.

All the details about iPhone 7

He is now a completely new camera

All the details about iPhone 7

As you can see in the iPhone 7+ it is generally double, and the iPhone 7 is slightly more than the previous model.

Now he has all new system cameras. Has optical stabilization! Earlier it was available only in expensive prosumer cameras, but not on phones.

Now the main camera is 12 megapixels! The lens itself has become more, now it gets 50% more light. This is important if you like to shoot themselves in night clubs and generally in the premises.
And it even has optical zoom — 2x. This is important if you really shoot on your iPhone.
Front camera for selfie has now become 7-megapixel.

The quality of the photos — just great!

All the details about iPhone 7

He is in the new black color! Called the Black onyx.

AirPods wireless headphones (sold separately)

All the details about iPhone 7
Now no problems with sticking out from under his shirt wires.

All the details about iPhone 7

Even the 3.5 mm connector for headphones there.

Connect as charging:

All the details about iPhone 7

Is to them that such box-charging:

All the details about iPhone 7

On a single charge such headphones 5 hours! And inside — a microphone and a bunch of iron, with which individual functions of the iPhone can be operated without taking it out of his pocket.

It is a pity that the price is $159.

And even stereo speakers!

All the details about iPhone 7
He became faster

New processor — 4-nuclear. It is faster iPhone 6S in 2 times, and the very first iPhone — in 120 times. Graphics have since become better more than 200 times!

The screen became brighter, and the colors in it even more!

He has a new Home button — touch.

The one and only button “Home” has acquired a new useful feature gestures that will find each has its own use. In fact, it’s not a button, it is touch that recognizes swipes at him, and the pressing force technology Force Touch as a touchpad in Macbook. Rejoice, those who have the “Home” button, often came into disrepair, no longer do You have to repair and change repair. The new mechanism will have no such problems, at least frequent.Anyway, with this button the iPhone will be even easier and faster to manage.

The price of iPhone 7

Minimum price of iPhone 7 will be $ 649 for a younger model (32GB), $ 749 for a model with 128 GB and 849 $ for the older model with 256 GB of memory on Board. Due to unstable and high dollar. In the same way, it is not known how much will the iPhone 7 in Russia, after all, not stability, is also present. Price iPhone 7 Plus will be $ 769 for the model 32 GB.