How to achieve your goals: step by step instructions

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Some things one are more complicated, others much easier is the fact that it is foolish to deny. But this does not mean that if you were not born flexible, you have no chance to become world champion in gymnastics (or at least champion some kind of pump).

The scientists of northwestern University recently conducted a study. They studied the ability of people to sing. According to the study, the group of people who exercise regularly, greatly improved their skills, while those who sang from time to time, remained at the same level. Their ability, hearing and voice were nothing to do with it — the question was only in regular classes and hard work.

Are you interested in singing? Nothing the scientists ‘ conclusion is absolutely fair and in relation to fitness, yoga, Jogging and everything else, what you want to achieve at least some results. Remember, whatever you come from, with due perseverance — mission accomplished. We offer you 9 steps that will assist in achieving virtually any goal.

How to achieve your goals: step by step instructions
Step 1: Be realistic

“Dramatic circle, the circle of the photo, and we sing the hunt” — like that is usually just what it looks like when we decide that that’s enough lying on the couch, you have to conquer new heights. But let’s be honest: you will not be able to work 12 hours, and in his spare time to study painting, cooking, swimming, and on weekends to learn yoga and capoeira. Properly allocate your time and energy, set your priorities first and foremost, grasp what you like the most. Otherwise everything will end up lying on the couch and remorse. Decide what you are nowhere capable lazy, easy.

Step 2: Be picky

Don’t grab for everything, put before itself only those goals that will really benefit you and pleasure. You want to lose 10 kg — but why? Because now you’re uncomfortable in your body or because someone thinks you need to lose weight? If the former, then drop everything and run to the gym. If the latter, consider carefully, and if you want to spend a lot of time and effort to meet someone out there of other people’s ideals?


Step 3: Strive for perfection

It is clear that on the ground in your life the yoga class you will feel that you clumsy cow (or a bull in a China shop). This should not discourage you: the coach doing yoga for many years, it makes no sense to compare myself to him. But this is not the occasion to reassure yourself that you did everything you could and it’s time to stop. No, this phrase about “everything” — just an excuse. Put yourself in small goals: this time to reach out his fingers to the floor, to lay on the floor of the palm. Every time you need to have objective measurable results, and not some “everything possible”.

How to achieve your goals: step by step instructions
Step 4: Make a list

Write yourself a list of goals and hang it in plain sight. So you will constantly be aware of the fact that you still have work to do. And it’s nice after the goal to finally take her off the list! But don’t put too global goal, otherwise they can take a long time, which is very demotivates. Not “learn Italian” and “learn conjugation of verbs the present time.” Remember?
Step 5: remember not only the good but also the bad

Don’t forget that on your way to the goal will be not only pleasant things — minus 2 kilograms on the balance, a new yoga position, drawn by a horse that looks like a horse, not an alien flesh-eating monster but also a lot of problems. It would be better if they will not be a surprise to you, and you will pre-think solutions to them. Then they will not be able to demotivate and force them to surrender.

Step 6: Chop their goals

It is clear that to become a yoga guru or get a promotion at work — this is your Everest, on which you hope to get. But let’s start you just buy the Mat, then enrolls in a yoga class, then learn the simple postures, and then, lots and lots of little goals later, will become a guru. Or begin to take on slightly more responsibilities. And then another and another. And only then you will be able to claim some kind of ultimate goal.

How to achieve your goals: step by step instructions
Step 7: Choose the environment

Research scientists of Ohio state University showed that the more you communicate with like-minded people, the faster and easier to attain their goals. Seriously, it is much easier to force yourself to go to the gym after work, if your friends also go there, and not in the neighboring fast food.

Step 8: Reward yourself

Promise yourself a reward for diligence. The whole week went to the gym and dropped a lot of calories? Pamper yourself with chocolate at the weekend. Taught a new language every evening for six days in a row? On the seventh relax and watch a good movie (if it is in the language that you learn — all excellent). Well, if you have made any global goals, then you can treat yourself by shopping for new clothes in which your slim figure will look stunning, or a trip to the South of Italy (not for nothing that you’ve learned the Italian!).

Step 9: Make a plan

Try to make your every action, whether it be a parent meeting at the school your son or gatherings with friends at Starbucks, one way or another contributed to the achievement of the goal. Gradually it will become a habit and you do not need to think about how to achieve your goals — your everyday life will be to this news. Good luck!