Music this guy will plunge you into shock!

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Musician from New Zealand,Nigel Stanford published a scientific-educational video for Cymatics track from his latest album “Solar Echoes”. The video demonstrated the visualization of sound through sand, water, plasma and ferromagnetic liquid. In the video, including shows”Tesla” and chain-mail as protection from high-voltage discharges. Shot a video in new York directed by Shahir Daud.

All of the science experiments in video are real.

Stanford said that the idea came to him in 1999 when he learned of synesthesia (in particular, assumes that people can feel the music through color and Vice versa). In 2003, he learned about cymatics, the science that studies sound and vibration. After 10 years he came to Daud with a proposal to make a video with a demonstration of various physical and cymatic’s experiments.

For example, in the video there are a Chladni plate, a ferromagnetic fluid, a plasma ball, Rubens tube and Tesla coil. The most interesting moment of the video, according to the musician, was the fact that the track he wrote after they filmed and edited the video.

The shooting began at the end of 2013. Stanford noted that not all experiments took place as they assumed. For example, to the plate Chladni figures appeared, it had precisely balanced and use a small amount of sand. When you experiment with the hose they needed the sound of this frequency that does not coincide with the imaging frequency of the camera, otherwise the curvature of the water jet on the recording would be smooth. As for the experiment with the magnetic fluid, as it turned out, they needed a very powerful magnet, which they could not afford.