Be able to solve the mystery, looking at the picture?

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The ability to pay attention to details and compare the facts allowing the great detective to unravel even the most complicated case, and catch a criminal. Also, solving puzzles is a great way to stretch your brain and improve your memory. offers you to try on the hat of a detective and solve the mystery, looking at the picture.

It was a hot summer day, but the inspector Varnike was in the service. The detective along with his assistant chased the criminal. Following in his footsteps, they found themselves on the shore of a small, but very deep and rapid river.

The company saw swimmers, the inspector approached him and asked:

— We are looking for a guy your age. It needs to be somewhere nearby. Have you seen him?

— He ran past us a few minutes ago. Right here he flung himself into the river. You see it on the side out of the water! Hurry!

Nice guys even offered to give Varnike his boat, but he refused.

— Let them run away, — said the inspector, now I want to get acquainted with you.

Why the inspector decided to pay attention to boys and not chased the fugitive on the other side?

Be able to solve the mystery, looking at the picture?

The answer

In the rapid river guy would be washed away over, and he couldn’t get out in front of the place which went into the water. So, the criminal is the one who stands on the shore.