9 serials, raising entrepreneurial spirit, according to Forbes

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1. “John Adams”

About: Polite, but quite credible biography of John Adams — one of the founding fathers of the American state. The series focuses entirely on the writings of the hero. And the first Vice President and second President of the United States has done a lot: worked as a teacher at the school, had a law practice, has published numerous scientific papers, participated in the organization of the uprising against the British, served as a diplomat in Europe…

2. “How to Make It In America”

What: Two not very successful new York party-goers under thirty decided to create my own clothing line. No money, ideas about the production too. But one — the gift of the designer and the other is a valuable skill to punch the head wall. And very, very many connections in the party. In a parallel storyline forty years of Latin American thug trying to switch to honest business edition energy drink. The main intrigue of the series — who first comes to success, the dinosaur or the youth.

3. “Boardwalk Empire”

About: In 1920, after the entry into force “the dry law” Atlantic city has become, along with Chicago and new York, crime center of America. Smuggling of alcohol has decided to cash in a dozen groups: corrupt officials, veterans of the First world, the gangsters-guest performers, people young al Capone, Irish, Jewish, Italian and black gangs and even members of a secret order. Opposing sides skillfully manipulated the city Treasurer Nicky Thompson is doing everything to their war was not neither winners, nor losers.

4. “Mildred Pierce”

What: Location — California since the great depression. The main character, former housekeeper Mildred pierce, broke up with her husband and raising two daughters. In the past, socialite, pierce is forced to get a job as a waitress in a restaurant, to somehow make ends meet. A series of personal catastrophes only spur a stubborn pier to work harder. At the end of the story she is going to manage your own chain of Mildred’s restaurants.

5. “Entourage”

About: Based on the biography of Mark Wahlberg, the story of the rise to fame of a young Hollywood actor Vincent chase and his loyal friends. Growing up in a dysfunctional new York Queens bullies used to the business practices of Los Angeles and step by step subjugate the city itself. Around the characters constantly weave. Money and power are decomposed faster than the California heat, and cocaine. Despite all the temptations, the characters hold up as the three Musketeers, and a good cardinal Richelieu is their Manager Ari gold.

6. “Deadwood”

What: a history of the American Deadwood, built in 1876 by the miners, obsessed with gold fever. In the first season of the settlement is described as hell on Earth: there is no law, rampant racketeering, prostitution and gambling, conflicts are solved using revolvers. While the negative characters privatized power, positive characters binge drink, not to go mad. The situation begins to change when arriving to the city Marshal and his companion.

7. “Hung”

What is Detroit after the crisis of 2008: embarked production, impoverished people. The main character — a laid-teacher — sent on courses of optimism for the unemployed. There he is advised to find the natural talent and learn how to monetize it. He decides that his main gift — a large penis. And turns into a gigolo. A neurasthenic poet with the same courses becomes his pimp. No need to panic: Hung — setting the us channel HBO, so that for every frivolous gesture here lies a deep socio philosophical sense.

8. “Suits”

About: Mike Ross is the personification of a talented, but carefree twenty — cheating gets a job in a law firm. Mike has no diploma, but has a phenomenal memory. And most importantly, boss Harvey Spector saw Ross young,. The teacher explains to the child how to build relationships in a team and on an equal footing to communicate with customers. The student returns the mentor cynical human form. The tandem comes out excellent.

9. “Mad Men”

About: new York, the beginning of the 1960s. Located in the office in a prestigious Madison Avenue company Sterling Cooper comes up with slogans for the largest American corporations, and its employees determine human values like his, and for several subsequent generations. And, it seems, do know that, because see themselves as gods and do business like a rock star of the business. Strong drinks and cigars in accounting Sterling Cooper are in the same statement, that the ink and staples.