9 books that teach to never give up

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There are days when the whole injustice of the world falls on your shoulders and it seems that the best thing to give up and stop fighting. And often in these moments, the main thing — not to start feeling sorry for yourself and buck up and move on.

These books will kick you in the face and come back to life, reminding that you can not give up. Because the darkest hour always comes before dawn.

1. Jodi Picoult “Angel for Sisters”

Anna is only 13, but she had undergone countless operations. She is healthy, but her sister has leukemia and parents are willing to do anything to save her. In fact, Anna was born only to help her. But what would have been her life if she were not tied to Kate? Anna decided on a move that would seem challenging to most of us.

2. Erich Maria Remarque “Spark of life”

Germany, the end of the war, a concentration camp. People who are deprived of freedom, love, hope, life itself. But as long as they have each other, nothing can break. Let all that they have left is the spark of life, but she never goes out. It will give them the strength to smile even at death’s door — the only spark of light in the darkness.

3. Ayn Rand “Source”

This book for decades remains in the list of global bestsellers. The protagonist of the novel, Howard Roark, is fighting with society for their personal right to work. The fanatical conservatism of others forcing him to take extraordinary action. And to prove that even one person can change the world.

4. Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Never Let Me Go”

A modern parable, a fantastic story with a chilling, totally realistic story, novel, Ishiguro will not let you. People whose sad fate is predestined and they are not known in advance. They know what to live for. They know what is going to die. And still continue on your way. This is one of the most poignant stories of compassion and inhumanity.

5. Jack London “Martin Eden”

“Survival of the fittest” is the motto of the main character of the autobiographical novel by Jack London. Gruff and uncouth, but very strong and purposeful young man for the love of a woman makes its way from the bottom to the top, is a simple uneducated man, he becomes a famous writer. But is he ready for everything that lies behind the ephemeral success?

6. Jojo Moyes “One plus One”

In this simple, touching story, no horror, global issues, morals, inspirational maxims. Just the usual daily life, fun, strange, challenging, — in a word, is what it is. After all, it is necessary to struggle to each of us — even with the small annoyances. Jojo Moyes teaches that we need to start small, and then to great undertakings.

7. John Green “Fault in Our Stars”

Teenagers suffering from a serious illness, not going to give up. They are still teenagers — toxic, restless, explosive, rebellious, still ready to hate and to love. Hazel and Augustus defy the fate. They are not afraid of death, like an ordinary jealousy, anger and misunderstanding.
They are — together. Now — together. But what lies ahead?

8. Irving Stone’s “Lust for Life”

Alive and vivid biography of Vincent van Gogh written by Irving stone, proves that genius is not only a gift but also a terrible curse. After all, talent is necessary not only to look your way, but, finding it, to show the wonders of perseverance, courage and endurance, through all the difficulties to communicate to an apathetic world your great ideas.

9. Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego “White on Black”

When you think that life is unfair and everything goes wrong, just open the book Gallego and briefly remain in the world of his characters — people with disabilities. Their optimism and totally unconventional look at familiar things will be for you a real cure.