8 words that spoil your life

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For several years I observe the manner of speech of other people: family, colleagues, acquaintances and friends. These observations allow us to make interesting conclusions: great results in work, sport and life in General sought and seek those who avoid use in his lexicon at least, the following 8 words, which will be discussed in this post. Let’s look at why you should get rid of these common words-language.

“Maybe / Probably”:

you leave yourself a loophole, so as not to late to make a decision. “Maybe go to the gym”, “Probably going to read more”, “Maybe next month we should start some changes in our project?” — all hidden excuses, when in the face of Inevitability, you would not want to do something, but to admit to yourself this is difficult, and therefore it is better to provide a solution to someone, and to “maybe” to support this decision.


“I’ll think about that tomorrow” — said Scarlett O’Hara. But you’re not a flighty girl. 80% postponed “until tomorrow” will never be executed, although they could be solved / done / said / written today to the end of the day. Or are you too much of bear (and just need to revise the density and structure of work tasks for the day), or you have to kill the procrastinator in itself (it’s harder, but more important from a long term).


“I will never raise a hand against another person” — able, even as if your life or the lives of your loved ones would be in danger. “‘ll never forgive her” — sorry, just not immediately (or even forget with time). Remember Star wars and Obi WAN Kenobi? “Only a Sith deals in Absolutes” is translated into “simple human” means that only people selfish and self-righteous use wording like “never”, “never” (“always”, “forever”). Life is much more complicated than just a set of presets, and the division into “white” and “black”.

“The future”:

the notion that nobody saw, and never will be (because “tomorrow” is tomorrow’s “today” and “in the future I will be healthier / more successful / richer” is just self-deception to not think about anything and “reset” that you are truly concerned in some sort of “abyss” and not get this concern “out of the closet”). Think that you can change today, what would you like to achieve today, what one small goal you can achieve / implement before the end of this working day.


of regret beginning to form a huge mountain of negative experience that is literally “presses” you to the earth. You’re not the same person I was even six months ago; you already know what you can do, you’ve already done / doing a certain choice. And therefore regret what was done / undone it makes no sense: you don’t have the “time machine” to fix it. Endless “sorry…” — just the way around the circle in search of what is already impossible to find.

“Not at all”:

“-Thank you, that helped with the report. -Don’t mention it!” and a colleague a month later will come to you as if nothing had happened, believing that you just have to help him with the report, because you are a “cool dude.” Replace “you’re welcome” with “please”: service rendered by you / wasted time / efforts have value and please the most effective and positive way to convey this value in a user-friendly form, even if you really are such a giving and open person.


“impossible to lose 5 pounds in such a short time, impossible to quit this stupid job, because I have no money”, “it is impossible to run 5 km, I have no shortness of breath and go with labour” — tell us about the impossibility of people like Nick Vujicic… no, phenomenon leave nick alone! Tell us about what is “impossible” to your neighbors, colleagues or relatives who have heart problems who have diabetes or recovery period after injury in a car accident or sports injury. They do not lay down and give up just because the morning to get out of bed or walk to work it was hard. Tell us about the impossibility of children (we already talked about the fact that little children have a lot to learn). Our experience of past negative events, regrets, and the habit to blame everything that seems too complicated, “tomorrow”, “future” or “never” — that’s what constitutes your “impossible”.


“I accidentally made a mistake”, “accidentally forgot”, “happened to be at this event” — come on you! You were not paying attention — and therefore wrong; too “uploaded itself” — and because I forgot; I wanted to get to the conference / the party and at the last moment found a way and found the time and money. Intelligent people make “accidents” to continue to do / doing something that they have in the first time turned out “accidentally”. The chance — not the best assistant in the business, but determination and perseverance — Yes.